Feeling Oneness With All

Recently a client of mine wrote and asked about her experience of “feeling oneness with everyone and everything”. She wanted me to explain what happened and why, without (in her words) any “New Age-y junk”!

She wrote: “You had just finished an energy healing session on me, and it brought up some feelings of anger about people who had mistreated me in the past. As I walked out your door, I was thinking about anyone who had ever treated me badly in my life and what a***** they were. I was getting very angry. Suddenly, before your office door had even shut behind me, I had this feeling of absolute and total oneness with everyone and everything. Since my mind was still on the people who had treated me badly when this feeling of oneness came, I suddenly felt great joy in realizing that since they were a*****, then I was one too! I no longer hated them, because I understood we were all one, and all connected. I was them, and they were me. It was an incredibly beautiful and peaceful feeling."

“This feeling of oneness was incredibly intense for about 5 minutes, and then slowly faded out over the course of the day. I wasn’t upset when the feeling left, and I didn’t try to convince myself that I was still in that state of mind. I was happy I was given a "peek". My question is how and why did this happen?”

She had an omni-experience, or probably better yet, a “quantum experience”, albeit not a full one. It was a very light one, but even those can expand the consciousness in tremendous ways.

Her quantum experience happened because I had been doing energy work on her. She had asked me to do a specific multi-step energy healing program to help her accept the past, with results taking place over time. There wasn’t any intent for her to have a quantum experience, but this particular program triggered connections in her to everything in the Universe.

What really transpired was that the intention of accepting the past just happened to take place when she was aligned sufficiently to where this particular energy healing vibration allowed her, for a moment, to see with her entire being; she also, in that moment, let go of everything. None of it was intentional on either my or her end.

Quantum experiences ultimately are the result of being in the right moment, in the right place, and at the right time. Therefore, the intent of this specific healing program had an immediate and profound effect on my client because random energies came together in a specific way – kind of like someone winning a lottery jackpot.

My client’s experience was due to the vibration I created for her, but at the same time it was her creating the experience, not me.

When her quantum experience happened, the vibrational healing energy acted as a tool to induce her brain to produce specific amino acids that connect the brain’s neurons in such a way that it opens expanded consciousness. I’ve written in previous blogs about my quantum experiences (omni-experiences) in greater detail and the role that the brain chemical DMT plays in them.

This quantum experience and the feeling of oneness with everyone and everything happens because, in that one specific moment, you’re accepting the frequency of every electron in the Universe continuously.

How is that possible? Basic physics tells us that every particle in the Universe is connected and imprinted onto every particle that exists, and vice versa. Humans, animals, plants, rocks – everything has electrons, neutrons, and protons.

The imprint IS the connection.

There is not one particle that isn’t connected to every particle in the Universe, and through all time in the Universe (past, present, and future). Quantum physicists now have the mathematical evidence that everything is connected, and that no matter what and where the particle is in the Universe, everything is affected by any and all particles. Another name for this is quantum entanglement: what happens to one happens to the other instantaneously because everything is connected.

When you have a quantum experience like my client did, for a moment your mind removes your focus from the linear existence, and in that moment you feel the connection to everything. What happened to this client was because all the energies – to include that of the earth and heavens – converged at a given point with the person vibrating at the correct rate. For a moment the linear disappeared, and she touched the face of God.