Beyond Judgment

Throughout my life I've been blessed with countless moments where my mind expands into the infinite, what I refer to as omni-experiences. Amidst these profound journeys, there is one that remains etched in my memory—a transformative encounter where I delved into the concept of judgment.

During this extraordinary omni-experience, I found myself in the presence of three celestial beings, known throughout history as the Archangels. Some recognize them as embodiments of divinity itself. These awe-inspiring beings, much like us, exist in countless forms and share a fundamental quest for understanding the infinite.

I mustered the focus to inquire, "What is judgment?" In a harmonious chorus, as if heavenly voices were intertwined, the three Archangels responded, accompanied by a celestial symphony of angelic beings. Their resounding proclamation echoed, "Judgment is not judgment as you have been taught judgment."

DNA And Perfection

In their response, the Archangels presented me with a strand of DNA, emphasizing that this single strand held the essence of Creation itself. They conveyed that on our planet, a solitary strand of DNA was deposited, and from it, all life emerged, deemed perfect by the hand of God. That is Judgment: that we were created as perfect by God, and we are perfection. As we evolve, we question our worthiness of the infinite, but we should know this: we are perfect, we have already been judged as perfect by God and nothing can or will change that.

The Archangels continued, urging us not to await divine judgment or eternal condemnation for our mistakes. They refuted the notion that the Creator would harm any of its creations, emphasizing that all beings are meant to unfold freely. The Archangels also stressed the unity of all souls, proclaiming that every soul must be embraced, with no one left behind. We cannot leave a single heart behind. Either all come, or none shall.

Guiding me further, the Archangels offered Adolf Hitler as a poignant example. Acknowledging the unspeakable atrocities committed under his leadership, they emphasized that I, too, would welcome all beings except him. They revealed that Hitler had become a symbol of demonization due to his actions. Moreover, they explained that he would never incarnate again as he could never forgive himself for his deeds, bearing the burden of blame for all the events that transpired during that dark period. However, they urged me to consider a broader perspective—contemplating the consequences had he never existed. They asserted that our planet might have taken a drastically different course, casting doubt upon its continued existence.

Expanding on their explanation, the Archangels conveyed that our understanding merely scratches the surface, often leading us to misconstrue the true nature of events. They unveiled Hitler's early life, destined to be a significant teacher. However, due to the prevailing hatred that plagued society at the time, he was thrust into the horrors of World War I. Amidst the grim reality of the battlefield, surrounded by fallen comrades, his mind darkened, succumbing to the profound hatred that resided within humanity. Even before his military service, society had already desensitized and damaged him.

Collective Consciousness

The Archangels then unveiled the intricate magnetic fields of our planet, incessantly oscillating the atmosphere and influencing all living creatures. They illuminated the perpetual sea of vibrations in which individuals navigate, emanating from within and without, transcending the constraints of time. They revealed that our thoughts themselves generate magnetic waves, imprinting upon the fabric of the atmosphere. These waves intertwine, forming currents, streams, and vast oceans of vibrations, all converging upon focal points. They then emphasized a curious aspect: we tend to single out individuals only when we seek someone to blame for our troubles.

In the case of Hitler, his energetic vibrations resonated with the currents of hatred and darkness prevalent in society during that era. Unknowingly, he became a focal point, drawing in that energy without conscious intention. As more people joined his political movement, the allure of power consumed him. Remarkably, this phenomenon can affect 99% of human beings, depending on the vibrations that surround and emanate from them.

The baffling transformation of a man who once had Jewish friends into a ruthless antagonist of the Jewish people can be attributed to the prevailing anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe at that time. Hitler needed a target to direct his energy towards, and he chose the Jewish people, extending discrimination to those who did not adhere to ultra right-wing politics.

We are all familiar with the subsequent events—a war of unparalleled brutality and viciousness that claimed over 50 million innocent lives, seemingly driven by the ego of a single man. Yet, in truth, Hitler became a vessel for the collective consciousness of the tribalism and fear of that time, embodying their darkest aspects.

Examining Our Hearts

Today, we find ourselves in a world resonating with similar energies. If we genuinely yearn for peace and stability on this planet, and if we truly aspire to honor the wishes of the great prophets who came before us, we must recognize that we bear equal responsibility alongside those who commit wrongs. When we harbor malice in our hearts towards others, we become complicit in all the violence that plagues our world. Likewise, when we withhold food from our starving neighbors, we share the burden of prevailing hunger on this planet.

If we allow ourselves to exclude certain individuals or lifestyles from our society, we also become responsible for the persecution that persists. Our hearts, interwoven with our thoughts, generate vibrations that sustain the echoes of past violence. To justify the bitterness within us, we find reasons to harbor hatred for our neighbors, whether they live across the street or on the distant shores of our planet. The energy in today's atmosphere mirrors that which saturated the world during the 1930s, leading up to the devastating outbreak of World War II.

Therefore, I implore my fellow brothers and sisters not to seek improvement solely in others but to embark on an introspective journey, examining our own hearts. Let us recognize how media and gossip shape and influence the nature of our hearts. It is our collective responsibility not only to denounce injustice when we witness it but also to confront and transcend our own beings.

We should refrain from making decisions in a state of anger, a principle that applies not only to individuals but also to governments and religious institutions. Unfortunately, anger appears to dominate modern forms of communication, resonating through its energy frequency.

The Power Of Harmonizing

As individuals, it is our duty to assume responsibility for harmonizing our thoughts and hearts. When bitterness takes root within us, it becomes crucial to engage in meditations and prayers focused on peace before making decisions. We stand as radiant beacons, emanating vibrations into the atmosphere and the very soil beneath our feet. Our vibrations inevitably permeate everything around us, impacting every living being on this planet.

Imagine the immense power we hold, a power that can be harnessed if we unite in a collective commitment to make decisions untainted by bitterness in our hearts. Visualize the profound impact we could unleash upon the very atmosphere that surrounds us—a symphony of vibrations devoid of conflict, resonating with the sweet melody of cooperation. In this harmonious state, we possess the potential to eradicate poverty and alleviate the burden of diseases that afflict humanity. Surprisingly, achieving this grand vision lies within our reach. It simply requires us to cultivate inner peace and harbor no ill will towards our fellow beings. Through this fundamental shift, we have the power to dismantle the vibrations of hatred, vengeance, and persecution, gracefully replacing them with a frequency that is harmonious and compassionate.

The boundless potential for positive change and remarkable growth awaits us as we embrace the virtues of compassion, understanding, and empathy in our decision-making processes. Together we can shape a world guided by the graceful dance of harmony, the unbreakable bond of unity, and a genuine longing for the well-being of all.