Free Will: The Universe's Best-Kept Secret and Humanity's Least-Used Power

Throughout most of my adult life, I have been contemplating the concept of free will, or simply the “will”.

My thoughts often travel back to the beginning of an empty universe, where each culture and religion has its own creation story featuring one or more deities responsible for bringing everything into existence. Most religions and spiritual belief systems also refer to "I am the will."

Lately, I have been watching lectures by biologists who are searching for the origins of life by examining biochemistry and searching for the "right soup" where proto-life began. These researchers are essentially trying to determine the process by which a cell is created. Some progress has been made with the formation of protocells that display life-like features, such as being able to divide and replicate; but there is no evidence of further evolution beyond their initial creation, despite researchers’ attempts to charge particles with specific electrical frequencies. Their understanding of the chemistry involved is good, but they are still working to find the frequencies of electrical energy involved because without these frequencies, their research will not be complete.

The Magnetic Component of Free Will

But the answer, I believe, does not solely lie with electrical energy. They must also consider the magnetic component, as something brought those randomly floating particles together to create life in the empty universe. I expect that researchers will soon begin exploring the use of magnetic fields in the process, as a magnetic field will totally envelop an object while it simultaneously embraces every particle within that object. In the future, researchers will learn how to create a cell and program it to self-evolve by utilizing the magnetic force.

I believe that magnetic component is also the major component of free will.

This is because after decades of meditating, I can achieve a consciousness of pure thought without words; and during those moments, I can feel a divine magnetic force, which I believe is the force of God. Although difficult to describe, this force can be sensed and perceived clearly.

It is evident that attributing Creation to God by simply saying "God created you" would be incorrect. Rather, God the Creator exists and gave birth to the magnetic force – the will that you are.

This realization leads me to believe that we are all “the will of God”.

Before you became cells, your will already existed and you formed yourself. We were set free as will, and God does not govern that aspect of us.

Of course, describing this aspect in our present-day existence is challenging.

The Complexity of Free Will

The will seeks manifestation in the physical realm, with the aim of evolving as an individual, yet remaining within God. We perceive that there is a specific blueprint which creates doctrine for all humans and life forms, but I believe this to be incorrect: there is no specific plan or blueprint other than to evolve and become greater. It is as though the Creator branched off into infinite proto-personalities and set them free as individuals, having faith that their will would expand to become whole or to embark on the infinite journey of forever evolving.

As noted earlier, the existence of consciousness and will is implied in everything that exists on the planet, even before it becomes a single-cell entity. Free will, or the expression of it, is involved in all of creation. However, as we move into physical human bodies, free will becomes more complex. We search for a sense of belonging, turning to gods and beliefs to feel connected with something greater than ourselves, and language is created to communicate our intent and to find safety in conformity.

We are rarely conscious of our free will.

The Evolution of Free Will

Free will is not a matter of choosing between chocolate or vanilla, right or left, up or down; the choices we make on this planet have nothing to do with actual free will. Instead, free will exists in that God no longer dictates your path but sets you free to evolve. In this form, there is free will in the sense that the only directive is to become greater in its evolution of continuous expansion without hindrance.

Although we may consider ourselves more advanced than other creatures on the planet, having total free will is not possible because external factors such as hunger can influence us. To consciously exercise our free will, we need to evolve into a higher form of existence. We are a young race of creatures, and the perception that we are complete is primitive and arrogant. Our evolution has yet to surpass our ignorance, as demonstrated by politics, religion, and tribalism on almost every level. We still join teams, no matter what, even if it is just within our perspective. We long to belong to something when, in reality, our desire is to join the universe. We grab the crumbs we can and identify ourselves by them, not being aware of our will in the process.

Instead of embracing our free will, we often adhere to belief systems passed down from generation to generation and live the same miserable lives, making war on each other, and allowing starvation and the destruction of our planet – all in the name of God's will. Although every religion is based on the concept of God's will, and the concept of free will is part of our religions, we have yet to fully understand and harness the incredible power of free will. We are made of this will, and we have the ability to utilize it for our benefit.

We feel isolated and lonely because we have not exercised our free will and have become separated from the rest. We do not practice “being in the self”.

The concept of practicing being in the self is relatively new, only explored for about 5,000 years. However, this timespan is not long in terms of evolution and the expansion of the universe, estimated to be 14-1/2 billion years. Even if we could comprehend the existence of the universe, its expansion would not be measurable in terms of how much further it will expand. We are likely still in an embryonic state, maybe in the first division of the cell in terms of the whole, which is remarkable for a creature. Therefore, a timespan of 5,000 years is insignificant in the bigger picture. Understanding this reveals the arrogance of mankind evident in all our religions, believing that God created us fully formed in mere days with no further room for expansion or evolution.

While it is true that few people have ever used their free will (and even those who have are still influenced by ancient ways), no matter what we attempt to do at this point in our evolution, this fact does not negate the possibility of utilizing our free will within ourselves. We can, at least, observe the whole in relation to what we are capable of seeing, and practice “being in the self”.

Many of us are afraid to begin the journey because we lack experience in self-observation, and initially feel alone. However, once we embark on this journey, even though verbal conversation with others is absent, one can sense the connection with everything.