Free Will: The Glue That Holds the Universe Together

In my last blog, I stated that free will, itself, is the soul. In this blog I go a bit deeper into why I believe that to be.

We humans see the body and the soul as two different entities. We perceive everything in the linear because we exist in the linear. Attempting to describe the details involved with free will is quite an undertaking, as it cannot be described in such a way that everyone will understand. I can only articulate it through my journey in relation to what I've experienced.

Infinite Consciousness

I’ve had 19 omni-experiences in my adult life, with an omni-experience being where the mind opens into the infinite.

My first omni-experience lasted no more than a second, if that long; yet it changed my life forever. I'm still deciphering the information expressed through that experience, which happened in a microsecond. I thought I had experienced the ultimate experience for a human; but in the following months and years I had other omni-experiences, each one progressively longer. Within each one, as well, I thought I had reached the ultimate level of consciousness. None were over a minute, except for the last one of 45 minutes.

When you come back from an omni-experience of such a magnitude, you are intoxicated for roughly five days to a week, kind of like coming down from a hallucinogenic or LSD trip, for instance, or waking from an intense dream -- you know you had the dream, you know you existed within it, but the details turn into vapor and become elusive. It can be very frustrating for most who go through such experiences because you know you had the absolute answers to life, and you saw them with such clarity. What you're left with are fragments, and the knowing that you knew everything for a moment. Thus begins a journey to go back to such a state where one knows with absolute clarity that infinite consciousness, or to become awakened, is possible.

As well, it changes one's perspectives on what awakening is; and in my case, it certainly began a journey for me. Although I was already meditating on a regular basis, I became more persistent in my practice.

Pure Thought Without Words

Since I had a reference point as to some sensations experienced in my omni-present states of mind, I started becoming more attuned to electromagnetic fields. As a healer I project energy all the time; but in time my abilities became more precise, such as the capacity to change one frequency into another and project that frequency, and the capacity to be able to feel variations and frequencies within frequencies.

Through decades of meditating and doing my healing work, I have become very attuned to an extensive archive of frequencies. In the pursuit of the goal of expanded consciousness, I found that my persistence rendered many beneficial side effects; and over time, I started noticing that these sensations, or what I now call realities, existed all along. Although I did not specifically pursue any of them, slowly over time I became attuned and capable of feeling, and they became part of my being.

For years, I have felt as though I should be able to reach a place in my mind where pure thought exists without words. It was like a thorn in my side, always poking at me, and I would think, this is madness: how can one have pure thought without words? But since this sensation had been there for years, I added it to my pursuits.

After 20 years of attempting to reach such a place, roughly 18 months ago I touched the face of pure thought without words. This is an extraordinary place to be, and giving all the details of it at this point would be extensive, so I will avoid that for now. What I can say is even though I've been doing it for some 18 months on a regular basis, I have not yet achieved holding it for more than three seconds. Now, that appears to be a short period of time, but it really is not. As matter of fact, I now consider it quite extraordinary.

When I’m asked what it feels like, I describe it as a place of pure thought without words; thus, it cannot be articulated through words and must be experienced. An attempt to articulate cannot do it justice and would be an injustice to those who ask the question. Many things can be experienced in this state of being, and one of the most profound truths I experienced is the knowing that my existence itself is magnetic -- from its most primitive state before the first particles came together, to that which the human race is to become.

The Soul and the Will

When I say that will is the soul, it is because I have experienced it, and I experience it regularly. As I do this blog, I can feel the will. In order to do this, one must be practiced in feeling their aura and chakra system; not necessarily within its entirety, but being capable of observing more than just the seven chakras -- a lot more – and to be aware of the geometry that encompasses life.

This knowledge does not come from a book; it comes the universe.

When I say the soul is magnetic, what I really mean is its body is magnetic. It can't be described as we would describe the physical. If the soul had a physical body, it would be magnetic in nature, but this magnetic force does not shape a physical body of the soul. There are points, or a point where it may generate from with a more powerful field, but that field extends into everything; and this is where the perspective that everything is connected comes from, for when you experience the infinite self, you see the connection in everything. It isn’t as though we're connected through some form of electrical or umbilical cord; instead, the connection is to every particle, whether one perceives it to be alive or not.

It is through these experiences that I see we were created by will.

The best description I can give at this time is that we were secreted through will, we were made by will, and we were made with will. It’s the only material of our Creation. Therefore, since we are made of it and created by it, we are will itself.

This is where free will comes into play; for once it is created, it is set free to unfold forever. That is the freedom of free will.

Beginning the Journey

Free will is Creation itself, and it very well may be the dark matter that scientists, cosmologists, astrologers, and quantum mechanics are looking for: the glue that keeps the universe together. They will not find it with a telescope nor through numbers. It must be experienced. To those who seek to understand this, I suggest you begin your journey in meditation and through that meditation work toward being able to feel without fear or guilt, and to work toward finding a place where pure thought exists without words.

What do you think? Write a comment below! I appreciate your thoughts on this subject.