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Master Jesse is a professional energy healer and contemporary philosopher with over 45 years of experience and 50,000 healing sessions. His in-depth knowledge of the science behind energy healing and his unique spiritual insights from numerous omnipresence experiences (where the mind opens into the infinite) make his expertise exceptional in the fields of energy healing and spirituality.

He seeks to understand the vibrational condition of the human consciousness, both through his energy healing work and philosphies.

Master Jesse Martinez |Energy Healer

“We are unlimited creatures, only beginning our
journey in the understanding of who we are.”

There is a paradigm shift happening in healthcare today. Medical studies throughout the world are proving the age-old belief that when the human energetic field (aura) is out of balance or congested, the free flow of energy in the body is blocked, diminishing the body's normal self-healing capacity.

Major breakthroughs in medicine will be made when researchers understand how the human biofield interacts with the body's cells and its own unique energy fingerprint, which has now become a major field of study in quantum mechanics. In fact, medical industries in most industrialized countries are conducting serious studies in this field. Many researchers throughout the world firmly believe that Energy Medicine is one of the most exciting frontiers in medicine.

The art of energy healing, simply put, is to manage the frequency
and the flow of energy within the human body,
and to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

That, of course, is not necessarily a simple thing to achieve.

Apex Energy Masters: Your Professional Choice for Energy Healing

Apex Energy Masters was created by Master Jesse through knowledge gained from conducting over 40,000 healing sessions over 40 years, combined with reading numerous scientific papers from many universities and research institutions. This is because we seek to not only believe in healing, but also understand how it takes place.

We understand the basis of biofield energy healing is rooted in physics, quantum mechanics and temporal mechanics. We do not channel energy or consult spirit guides, animal guides, etc., as in certain popular modalities such as Reiki or New Age. Instead, we use our intellect and knowledge of the human body and the human energy field to help enhance the body's wholeness.

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