Find Peace Within Yourself and Change the World – Join our Meditations

The human race is an astonishing species.  We have infinite talent, and the creative nature of my brothers and sisters never fails to amaze me. We can see this great creative nature through music, works of art, and our architecture – all of which are expressions and demonstrations of our capabilities.

We seem to be creating, in spite of the ugliness which we have demonstrated over the millenniums.

Today -- not just in this nation, but in all nations -- humankind is in discontent with neighbors, government and certainly with other tribes and temples. We are using our amazing abilities to create hatred and ugliness with our politics and religions, and this is dangerous when you consider that we are using our extraordinary genius to perpetuate ancient belief systems of hatred and persecution.

Such a powerful force will consume us all, but we can change.  Let us use our genius for good.

So, today I am asking my brothers and sisters to join me every Sunday beginning November 18, 9:00 pm Central Standard Time (USA), for a short 15-minute meditation.  


I, myself, will be meditating for one hour, and you are more than welcome to meditate the entire hour with me.  The meditation will consist of allowing yourself to move into a state of peace, in spite of the conditions around us.  Focus only on one’s capacity to feel beauty and peace.  This cannot be done for the purpose of altering another’s behavior – it must be done to shift your vibration for a few moments.  The more people that join this meditation, the greater the vibration will be.

Those of you who have not experienced deep meditation, don’t worry.  This isn’t about being a guru, nor a monk. This is about your capacity to initiate beauty within oneself.  If there is a great deal of chaos around you, and you find it difficult to focus, don’t worry.  Find something in your memories – it can be the smile of a child, it can be the joy of a meal. Attempt to think of nothing else but that which has bought a smile to your being.  For most of us, it will change our frequency if we hold the experience as long as possible.

If you have friends on other continents, please send them this invitation as well.  We need to change the global vibration by being at peace with oneself.  This will have more effect than all of the peace protests combined, for it has no opposition to anyone.  This is about the individual vibrating in beauty and peace, and it can show you that one can be happy in spite of all the madness which is occurring on Earth.  Some of you may want to join me every night for 10-15 minutes (between 9:00-10:00 pm) CST and together we may savor peace and beauty within ourselves.

Please join me in this experiment, and perhaps we can link our vibrations and amplify each other.

Also, please read last week’s blog (if you haven’t done so) about World Peace.  I write in-depth about how important for the peace of mankind is that we find peace within ourselves.