Stop the Fear Cycle

Over the last year, I have written a great deal about the vibrational frequencies which continuously emit from every atom.  These frequencies are especially powerful when emitted by a human being. I have also written a great deal about the software that we have inherited from our ancestors, all the way back to the beginning of Creation.

Not many of us stop to think about the effect vibration has on us all.  Yet, all of us have experienced being contaminated by the ugliness of others.

All of us have experienced feeling our attitudes shift from happy to sad, and vice versa, simply because we have been exposed to others who are vibrating at a completely different frequency.  

Let’s say you’re normally a patient person, but it’s that time of year when you find yourself at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The lines are long, and the state workers are slow.  One only needs to spend a few minutes at the DMV before you start becoming tense and impatient.  If you have just arrived, you take your place at the back of the line, which then generally aligns your chakras (energy centers of the body) with the person standing in front of you.  Consequently, the chakras of all 15 people standing ahead of you in that line are also well-aligned. The impatience of the people standing at the front of the line is transmitted and amplified as it reaches to the back of the line.  A feedback loop is created, and the frustration is amplified.   You have just shared and amplified each other’s frustrations.

We’ve all experienced what this feels like, and the DMV is one place where all of us would like to leave as fast as possible.  You don’t have to be psychic or have any specific spiritual belief systems to experience this phenomena.

If you’re not medicated before you go to the DMV, you will probably want to be by the time you leave.

Now, let’s take a look at this vibrational frequency being emitted on a global level.

Over the last 30 years, the selling of fear has been amplified many times over. Politicians appear to spend little or no time demonstrating a plan of action; instead, their primary platform (regardless of the political party) has become entrenched in the selling of fear.  The modern news media brings out the pundits, which amount to nothing more than carnival psychics speculating on what the shadow will bring tomorrow.  Preachers of all faiths are using fear and damnation as their recruiting tool.

In this country, what we call the Land of Freedom has now become divided into various factions, all demanding that the rights of others be retracted.  Some factions wave the American flag as they demand the downfall of the government itself. Waving the American flag while we demand the downfall of our government is madness within itself; but yet, our hatred blinds us from this truth.

I have spent a lifetime studying frequencies, and I can tell you that the frequency of fear is the same whether it comes from a right-wing or left-wing person.  The vibration is the same – fear is fear; likewise, the vibration of hatred and anger.

It makes no difference the ideology of which it is justified, the result is the same – you must choose sides.  In order to choose sides, you must choose the greater one, which then means you are superior to the side you rejected.  It is also expected of you to hate the opposing ideology.  

Now that you have made your decision, you must find more wrong with the other side and more right with your side. You must dismiss certain truths about your side, and in the process you become blind to your own actions and blind to the solutions that may help heal a divided nation.  

Ultimately, both sides are willing to accept the most bogus of stories about the other guy, as long as they can justify it.  

Last week we had three horrific examples which demonstrate the result of perpetuating hatred for political and religious purposes.  To the observer, it may appear that nothing can be done.  Sure, we believe we see the danger and what we perceive to the be ignorance of the other, and we huddle in our groups, Facebook pages and Twitter to discuss the issues.

It helps many of us feel better when we communicate with others.  Based on our prejudices, we perceive we have camaraderie and that there are others who agree with us.  Certainly if we unite, we will have the greater numbers and can overwhelm the others.  We will pick the solution we have been picking forever and ever: make our army bigger than the other guy’s army.

We will overrun the other because we believe we are greater than the other side, and that God is on our side for justice. It’s not even about being neutral; it has nothing to do with that.  

So we must all stick together and give no ground, since we have become enlightened in relationship to the issues.  We are now not only united with others, but in being capable of seeing the truth, we are now superior to others.  Those who do not see as we see are dangerous and evil.

And is with all evil, we are now justified in sending forth the hatred in our hearts, for now we have someone to blame:  right-wing, left-wing, whomever.

Our ancestral software of hatred and division is still in control.  

When we humans feel fear, our brains demand an answer to this question:  why am I afraid?  The brain doesn’t care what the answer is, it will become satisfied the moment someone points out the threat.  It can be a 97-year-old Jewish woman praying at her synagogue; it can be a black man shopping for groceries. If you are afraid, then you can be controlled with political rhetoric, temples spewing hatred, or anyone selling you fear.

I have a question for all of you.  Are you happier today than you were when you began your quest to purge your brothers and sisters from our democracy?

No, you are not. What can make you happier?

The answer is rather simplistic.

If we want to stop this cycle (no matter what is going on within our societies) and if an individual is truly concerned and wants to enhance the future or prepare the way for an enhanced future, then he or she needs to separate oneself from all of it, at least for a few moments a day.  Simply focus on peace within oneself.

A moment of joy – without any politics, without any religion. Take time out to find some beauty within yourself.

For those who are really serious – the monks, the nuns, the meditators – they should not meditate on world peace at all, not even for a moment.  Meditating on world peace will have the tendency to create the same opposition.  Instead, the meditation or prayer should be to free oneself from the pain of yesterday by finding beauty inside oneself, right now  – and without connection to any political ideology, religious ideology or personal problems from within your own life.  

Yes, acknowledge all of that exists; but because it exists, decide you will take a moment just to feel beauty, for no other reason.  Not to establish world peace, not to love your neighbor; but in the midst of all the chaos, decide that you will choose, for a moment, to be peaceful inside of yourself and feel the potential of peace within yourself.  

Every human being can do this. Every human being can take a few minutes out of the day to simply feel a moment of peace without any excuse. For those of you who like the sensation of a moment of peace, perhaps you can increase it to ½ hour a day. On a weekend, take a few hours and meditate, just finding and feeling the frequency of peace.  This will remove you from the wheel which continuously amplifies hatred.  

You might ask, what difference would it make if one person is removed from that wheel?

It’s massive when you remove one person from the wheel perpetuating hatred and fear. When one person can remove him- or herself from that wheel, then every single time they meditate without judgment of another, that information goes into the entire matrix.  

We don’t need 7 billion people to do this, we just need more and more people to say, “No – I’m not picking sides anymore. For this moment when I’m in meditation, it has nothing to do with anyone else, other than acknowledging my responsibility for creating a vibration of peace and beauty”.  This is the only thing that’s going to stop the hatred: individuals taking the time out to find peace within themselves.

You cannot do it for the sake of mankind.

You have to do it for you. It has to be a selfish endeavor; it has to be for one’s own salvation.  Why not for world peace?  Because it will cause you to pick sides.  The moment you do that, you then proclaim yourself to be superior to another, and you create the same rift. It’s even more dangerous, because now you do it on a level where you perceive it to be spiritual, which then leads to the creation of religion and persecution of others…it’s the same crap we’ve been doing forever.  

So, we have to act totally against our instincts.  We must stand alone as an individual, regardless of the philosophies around us.  We need to do this in order to find peace inside of ourselves. For those who would say there’s too much ugliness, then that is all the more reason to do it: because there is ugliness, and everyone is waiting for the elimination of another before they can be happy.

Let us stop wasting our time opposing the other, and stop looking for reasons to justify our unwillingness to care for somebody else, unless an enemy is threatening that person.  The enemy is not your neighbor, it’s not another nation; the enemy is our unwillingness to find a moment of peace within ourselves.

We can change the world without organization and opposition to a single thing by simply not opposing in our meditations and by not needing to meditate for any other reason other than the following: “I wish to find internal peace inside of myself. It may take a while for me to achieve that, but I have to start somewhere, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day”.  

We have to stop opposing each other, and this can only be achieved by each individual finding peace within oneself.  Have faith you have been made right, and you can become greater than yesterday.

Be at peace.