What Is the Soul?

First of all, I don't think anyone can really describe what the soul is; we can speculate, but there are really no words to truly articulate it. We have created forms of philosophical articulations throughout the ages to give us a rhythm in our minds, almost like a dance that feels good and maybe even give us some direction.

We make the soul sound like it’s different than us, even in the language we use to describe it: my soul. It makes it sound like a possession of the body instead of the other way around.

The physical body is a manifestation of the soul. The soul is a vast consciousness and is freely independent of all other things, and yet is part of everything that has ever been.

Describing the soul is like attempting to describe God itself – too vast to be able to put into words. The soul knows no right or wrong, has no judgment, does not see unworthiness, and it doesn't see anything in the negative or the positive. Everything is information. Most humans would have a very difficult time understanding the soul because we would interpret it through all the rules laid down by our societies.

How can we describe the soul? In other words, how can we really describe ourselves, of what people would call our spiritual self? Where do we begin with such a description? It can't really be put into words. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons why the practice of meditation began: the concept that through finding peace within ourselves, we can inevitably see ourselves.

Is it the soul that urges us to see who or what we are? I think it is, and I think it also governs evolution – evolution that is not in any one direction, but in every direction. To what end? That's a very good question that no one (of yet) has been able to give a description; but nobody's been able to describe the soul either, other than to give very beautiful philosophical perspectives that sound awesome and might even inspire us to go on our own journey. This is the best we can do as vocal creatures to articulate what the soul is, and it's still extremely limited. No matter how good someone is at articulating, it will always fall short of description.

We can debate God all we want; we can debate until the end of time. No matter how good someone is at describing such a thing as the Creator, it is not fact. There are no words or construction of words that can articulate this thing or being which we call Creator, nor can the children of Creation be described through articulation of the vocal grunts of men.

It can only be experienced without words and accepted without a full explanation.

What is the soul? There is no verbal answer to that question; the closest I can get to answer that is to be able to feel that I exist. As a matter of fact, even as I make these statements, I feel myself. I feel my divine personality. I feel my existence beyond the body and in the body – both infinite within the body and outward into the Universe.

When I say I feel myself, I am speaking of the soul itself.

I know that I will shed this body, and whether that makes me comfortable or uncomfortable is not relevant. When I let myself feel myself, I know that I am forever, and perhaps that would be a better way to describe the soul: I am forever, and I shall never cease to be.

I know, right now, that I have existed since the beginning; but I also know that my journey is always just beginning to be able to witness the self.

The best verbal description I can give to the question “What is the soul?” is “I am” – it's what the soul is. I exist, I am, and there's nothing I can do within the physical body with which I'm connected that will change that. It can't.

So, I allow myself to feel myself and that part has nothing to do with what I experience in the physical. When I feel myself, I feel infinite and know it is not the physical body I'm feeling because at my age, my physical body hurts! But I feel the soul, and the soul is young and vibrant; and I can feel the joy of that soul, feeling the will and knowing I exist.

If I speak truth to what I see, then there is no description in words other than I am and I am forever. There is no such thing as death.

Many people have asked me how their loved ones who have passed on are doing on the other side, or if they're not on the other side. The other side is the same side – it is all part of the same existence. There aren't souls who wait for members of their physical families who are still here to join them; that doesn't happen. For when we are free of the physical, we then join with every particle in the universe. That is the family: every particle. None are excluded, not a single one.

How can that be described where it makes any real sense to most people? You must be able to experience it without the hindrance of the body for it to make sense. Even with my omni-experiences it's still difficult because I feel many layers of difficulty that are in conflict with what I see, and I know it’s because of the hindrance of the physical body.

The soul is the will.

For now, I accept that I can feel my existence, and not just with the body but beyond the body. I allow myself to experience it because that's what allows me to experience peace, knowing I am forever. I know I am, and I know I am forever; and from my omni-experiences I know that just as I currently exist as someone named Jesse, that my personality exists as my soul. I see them as one and the same: that which continues with the body and that which continues to exist without the body.

After shedding the body, you still exist. You will know the self (the soul). You will know it's you, that it's still you. It's still the same person who wakes up every day, only in a much vaster existence. You will not have a name. Nothing has a name in that state of being because everything knows what the other thing is; it is the vibrational signature that identifies one from the other.

It is a place without words, without names, and without judgment.