Psychic Ability: A Modern Understanding

Question: Do you think psychic powers are real? If so, have you seen any demonstrations in real life?

Answer: Yes, psychic ability does exist - but it is nothing more than relying on an advanced form of intuition in order to interpret energy.

Intuition is best defined as using senses (other than your optical vision) to “see” and tap into quantum fields, which are places that exist without judgement and where knowing exists without words.

Every living being has a form of intuition.

Look at cells under a microscope, and you will see them moving away from other objects. The cells don’t know exactly what they need to get away from, but they know they better move, and fast. Since cells don't have eyes and their other senses are very limited, I’d be willing to bet the only sense they have is intuition.

The more advanced and evolved the living being is, the greater the intuition. In that sense, human beings should be more attuned to intuition than other creatures, but we don't practice it as often; whereas in order to survive in nature, less evolved beings are always practicing their intuition.

So, if “lesser” living beings are better practiced at intuition, does that mean they're more psychic than we are? Maybe. Does that mean they have mystical powers? Obviously not.

We should be more attuned to our intuition, and for most of us, that needs to take place at a very early age. But we're less likely to do it now than in the past, as we presently rely so much on electronics.

Intuitive Ability Depends on Practice

All of us are born with intuition, but our intuitive ability depends on what we can deprogram. I’ll use water to illustrate my point: most people don’t think water has a flavor, but all water has its own specific flavor, depending on the location it came from. Very few people will attune themselves to be able to taste water, because it takes practice (and a lot of water) over a long period of time, and most people don’t have the patience for that.

It's the same with energy frequencies; if you practice observing the differences you feel between one energy frequency and another, then over time you’ll be able to attune yourself to different frequencies because you’re practiced at it. A blind or deaf person will have a very heightened sense of intuition because they use elements of their brain that other people will normally dismiss, with the result being they are very attuned to many different energy frequencies.

Psychic Ability

Psychic ability is best defined as when intuition is used (along with intellect accumulated over time in relationship to that intuition) to cross-reference specific frequencies and magnetic fields, and then deduce what the more-than-likely outcome will be in the future. This is done by tapping into frequencies that access a quantum filament of time, which then creates a feedback loop (but just for a moment).

Deduce is the key word here.

Psychic ability is to deduce, on the average, of what is likely to happen. Then occasionally everything lines up perfectly, and you see with absolute clarity; but that comes over time as you practice the art - that's the best way of describing it - of learning to feel or distinguish one vibration from another, and never making assumptions. For example, just because you feel the energy of fear in one person, it doesn't mean the same energy will represent fear in another.

Understand that the human brain is always going to try to draw conclusions, but a real psychic will prevent themselves from making anything absolute, which takes years of practice. I would say that 99% of people who call themselves psychic will have good intuition, but prejudice what they’re seeing or draw conclusions prematurely.

A talented psychic is constantly learning new “notes” of energy frequencies, like keys on a piano. The differences in frequencies are so subtle that it takes a long, long time to appreciate that level of attunement.

Yes, psychic abilities do exist, but they are more of an attuned talent over many decades – and not a superpower.