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Apex Energy Masters was created through Master Jesse’s knowledge gained
from conducting over 50,000 healing sessions over 45 years, combined with studying numerous scientific papers from many universities and research institutions.

This is because Master Jesse seeks to not only believe in healing, but also learn how and why energy healing works. He seeks to fully understand how the human energy field interacts with the body’s cells and its own unique energy fingerprint to stimulate self-healing.

Apex Energy Masters offers In-Person and Distance (Remote) energy healing appointments. If you would like to learn about energy healing, how it works and what makes us unique, please read further. Ready to schedule your appointment?

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The Human Body & Energy

Our bodies are made of atoms, and all atoms emit frequency (electromagnetic waves). When a physical body is exceptionally healthy, its atoms are emitting harmonious frequencies, allowing communication of information from one cell to another on a symbiotic level. When frequencies in the body are disrupted, the atoms emit inconsistent wavelengths of energy, which can cause mutations in the cells. This can then leave cells vulnerable to disease or cause them to become free radicals.

The cells of a body afflicted with disease are not vibrating in unison with each other and cannot communicate.

What causes disease can be a multitude of reasons, both external and internal. A major cause is due to our environment and how we perceive it. When we are stressed or have conflict within ourselves and people around us, we create that conflict and disruption within our own bodies, causing our cells to move out of sync with each other.

Most people have a hard time grasping that the body is pure energy. Western medicine is only just beginning to learn about the flow of energy within the body, even though physicians have been using it diagnostically for years. For instance, an EEG measures the electrical activity of your brain cells, and an EKG measures your heart’s electrical activity. A sonogram sends soundwaves throughout your body, and because all skin, tissues, bones, organs, etc., have their own vibrational frequency, the soundwave frequency vibrates off all the other frequencies and forms a picture.

Professional energy healing work, when carried out by an experienced healer, can have a profound effect on the vibrational frequencies of every atom within the body. It can change the vibrational frequency in your body’s cells in a matter of minutes. Simply put, professional energy healing is attuning the electromagnetic field of the body to help bring it back into balance.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Modern medicine is successful at targeting symptoms, but it does not balance the body’s system. More people are seeking alternative and holistic therapies to deal with chronic illnesses and symptoms due to concerns about adverse drug effects, too many medications and unnecessary surgeries; some just have not found relief from traditional medicine.

Energy healing has been shown to enhance the wholeness within a person’s immune system, which involves all aspects of the self: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual. A simple analogy is that energy healing acts as a vitamin for your immune system, fortifying your cells so they are capable of healing by allowing them to communicate signals between each other, transmitting throughout the body. Energy work feeds your body by energizing the mitochondria in your cells, which are necessary to keep your cells healthy.

In addition to focusing on any specific issues that you request, I check for and clear any energy blockages and stagnant energy, which are caused by disruption of the energy flow over time or suddenly by trauma. Energy blockages and stagnant energy can prevent you from making progress toward a goal, whether emotional, financial, spiritual or electrical (physical). A smooth flow of energy throughout the body is essential in helping the body self-heal.

The Body’s Chakra System

I also use energy healing to balance the body’s chakra system. Chakras are simply energy vortexes emitting from the body created through its electromagnetic fields. Why do we have energy centers in the body? Well, why do we have a heart, kidneys, liver, and a brain? Why aren’t we just a blob floating in the water somewhere? There is a reason for how we are created, and even though chakras are not visible to the vast majority of people, they are still vital organs.

When chakras are in balance they look like whirlpools, spinning evenly; when unbalanced, they simply do not work in unison with each other and look like a tornado trying to form. Most healers are only aware of the electrical output (or charge) of any given chakra. If one were to look deeper, over time they would see the electrical output of a chakra is the result of the health of its magnetic flow within the chakra. As it rotates clockwise and counterclockwise simultaneously, it acts no differently than an electric generator. Most healers are unaware of this because they follow teachings from 5,000 years ago that say a healthy chakra spins only counterclockwise, which is not true – it is an ancient assumption.

I am able to adjust a chakra’s electrical frequency by understanding the difference between electrical and magnetic. Over the decades, I have mastered adjusting the electrical through oscillating the magnetic, which is 95% of the force of a chakra, thereby enabling a full balance to occur.

Using energy healing to balance (align) the chakras can help your body’s energy flow become smooth and consistent and help the body’s cells vibrate in harmony, thereby reducing stress which can cause both emotional and physical issues. It is particularly excellent for helping to bring a person back into balance emotionally, with more optimism about life and greater self-esteem.

Energy healing is safe to use on all conditions.

How Energy Healing Works

Energy healing triggers your body’s own healing system and helps bring the body back into a symbiotic balance by equalizing and balancing the electromagnetic energy of the entire cellular structure of the body. How energy healing works requires an extremely complex explanation, as the basis of true energy healing is rooted in physics, quantum mechanics and temporal mechanics.

A very simplified (and short) articulation is that I enter a quantum state of mind with deep focus and intent. I then sense and create specific frequencies required to harness the electromagnetic waves (energy biofields) emitting from the body for healing. This process helps unify the harmonic frequencies of your cells, remove a block of emotion, and help balance your chakras (energy centers), all which help to bring you into greater balance. It can also help bring the cells into balance by adjusting their frequencies on a sub-atomic level. The body is then able to carry out its natural healing process.

When your cells can transmit signals harmoniously with each other without opposition, there is generally good health.

Most people want to know how energy healing frequencies are projected from one person to another, during both in-person and distance (remote) healing. The popular terminology of energy healing is then better described as quantum healing, because when energy is projected from one being to another, it exists in a quantum state in both people at the same time. To explain quantum states and quantum entanglement would turn this webpage into a vast library, so I’ll touch on that subject in future blog posts.

Regarding distance healing, that is not the realm of amateurs. To explain how distance healing takes place would be a 4-year articulation (that's no joke). No matter the technique used, if an energy healer is achieving an actual connection with a client at a distance, that healer is then vibrating at a quantum state and his/her consciousness co-mingles with the client at the remote location. For that to occur, the healer must be able to tune into the specific frequency of the other person. In my healing practice I tune into the oscillating frequency of a voice, as each person’s voice is totally unique, like a fingerprint. I vibrate my whole being and feel your voice in every cell of my being until the words disappear; at this point, I only feel the oscillating frequency of your existence – and then the healing begins. This is the most basic explanation.

Quantum states and quantum entanglement (both during in-person and distance healing) take deep intent, focus and knowledge, in addition to being practiced in attuning oneself to another’s frequency. This takes years of experience to understand.

Apex Energy Masters' Healing Is Unique & Effective

Over the decades, I have developed energy healing techniques to great effect using my own consciousness, focus and intent. Conscious healing is when the healer is aware of what they are doing, aware of the consciousness of the client and the frequencies the client is emitting, while taking responsibility for creating specific frequencies for healing. I consciously create and direct where the energy is needed for healing, using my intellect and knowledge of the human body and its energy field to help enhance the body’s wholeness.

I do not channel energy as in Reiki or believe I am an antenna for other beings such as spirit guides, animal guides, etc., as in New Age modalities. All these modalities involve pulling energy from the Universe or outside entities and projecting into the body without conscious direction or focus.

The ability to do energy healing effectively is not a “gift” – it is a natural talent. From a young age, I could always see magnetic fields and waves of energy. And like any other natural talent, one must have a sincere desire to understand it. Knowledge and mastery can only be achieved through years of experience, not through an initiation, attunement or weekend seminar.

Your healing session is personalized for you. You are not a chart or a checklist. As each person is divinely unique, your healing should be, too. I accomplish this with a finely-attuned intuition and the ability to feel and identify energy frequencies emitting from the client. I have spent over 45 years building up a library of energy wavelengths which I use to reference and utilize in my healing practice.

I also use my voice to project energy while speaking. This form of coaching can help a client open their mind to a broader perspective and greater possibilities when dealing with specific issues, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. My coaching is also highly effective for clients who are dealing with self-esteem and self-confidence issues, in addition to helping you reach your goals, whether financial, relationship, career or health. I help you open your mind to see and understand your divinity and uniqueness. I can show you how to turn your weaknesses into strengths and see how awesome you are!

Depending on your issue, the energy healing session can be a combination of physical energy work and coaching, for both in-person and distance sessions. This is why sessions tailored for the client are so important: I use my intuition to determine, in the moment, which form of healing benefits you the most and help your body more effectively start its own healing.

Questions? Please read our "Issues" page for information on specific physical and emotional issues, and how Energy Healing may help. Also, check out Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions, please fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

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We at Apex Energy Masters/Mystical Earth Gallery believe that when properly applied, energy work can energize any physical body, opening a window of opportunity for the body to heal itself. We do not make any medical diagnoses; nor will we interfere with any medical treatment. If you suspect you need medical intervention and attention, please contact your physician.
We are available as a complement to other treatments which you may be receiving. We cannot guarantee results, although the majority of our clientele appear to have significant improvements in their lives – spiritually, mentally and physically. No medical institution nor healer can guarantee anyone's health, nor can any treatment guarantee to be successful. We will promise you that we will put our heart and soul into your healing.
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