Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

No, I do not. If you have a medical condition that you would like me to address, please come with the information relayed to you by your medical professional. If you suspect you need medical intervention and attention, please contact your physician.

Please read my "Issues" page to learn more about specific physical and emotional issues, and what your appointment for a specific issue would entail (I've just started this page in June 2022, so new issues will be added weekly). Please feel free to use my Contact Form if you have additional questions.

I cannot guarantee results, although the majority of my clientele appear to have significant improvements in their lives – spiritually, mentally and physically. No medical institution nor healer can guarantee anyone's health, nor can any treatment guarantee to be successful. I will promise you that I will put my heart and soul into your healing.

No. Our only purpose is to assist you in your pursuit of your well-being. However, sometimes specific issues (whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) have a quicker path to healing if the client has a greater understanding of our infinite nature. This should never be perceived, though, as promoting a religious or spiritual practice – your religion, spirituality, or lack of it is not my concern.

I personally believe that creation is infinite and far beyond human comprehension. If you would like to learn more about my philosophy, please read my Philosophy Page or my blog posts.

Some people mistakenly equate real energy healing work with faith healing. My work requires skill and knowledge of energy frequencies to attune the electromagnetic field of the body to help bring it back into balance. I do not call upon an outside entity to do energy healing work, nor do I channel energy from an outside source.

I’ve had clients with severe issues who were healed in a way some people might term as “miraculous”, but that is quite rare. As of yet, those instances cannot be explained, other than that everything within both the client and the healer – for a split second – are in complete and total harmony.

There are many factors that determine how soon you could find relief from your issue, such as: what it is, its timeframe (acute or chronic), its severity, whether it is physical, spiritual or emotional, etc. For example, most clients usually find significant relief from pain in one session, but to heal the underlying cause of it usually requires more.

For long-term issues, I believe it takes at least 3 sessions for you to independently determine if you wish to make a commitment to a healing program. So, if you have a severe chronic condition, and have been treated by many doctors over the years but not have yet found relief, please do not expect me to help you heal in only one session. That is unrealistic.

Regardless of your issue, my only goal is to help you heal as quickly as possible.

People form false expectations about energy healing because many energy, Reiki and New Age healers overpromise, sometimes to the point of miraculous healings. While most of these healers are sincere, some are delusional, and a few are outright con artists. I go into this issue in greater detail on my Energy Healing page.

For all my clients, what I do is a process and each individual is unique. If you have a particular issue in mind, based on my past experiences I can give you an honest, general estimate for a lot of issues -- but of course, I would need to actually do energy work on an individual during an appointment to give you a more accurate estimate. You can check my Issues page to see if your specific problem is listed; otherwise, f you would like to ask me about your issue, please fill out the Contact Form found on our Contact Us page.

No, you should not stop treatment with your doctor or stop taking your medications. I will not interfere with any medical treatment. My energy healing work can be used in conjunction with other therapies (including supplements or prescribed medications) for physical, emotional and mental ailments.

As you find healing, any decision to taper off medication should only be done with your physician’s knowledge.

We will not do energy work on individuals with cybernetic devices implanted which contain microchips (such as pacemakers and insulin pumps) because energy work can interfere with the microchips that control the devices. Please call to discuss, as sometimes precautions can be taken or there may be other options available, dependent upon your issue.

Yes. For In-Person appointments, we require an adult guardian to give permission and be present in the room at all times with any client under the age of 18. For Distance appointments, we require written permission from an adult guardian who must also be present for the phone appointment.

Yes, for both In-Person and Distance Healings. If In-Person, your pet must be a non-aggressive animal that is clean and house-trained. Just what we would expect of a human client, we expect of your pets (clean and nice!)

I keep my rates low because of compassion. I want to keep my services affordable, as it can get expensive for people who have issues that require long-term sessions. Unfortunately, many healers today perceive that if they charge extravagant prices it will imply that they are more advanced than others in their work. I believe my healing work is for everyone, not just the wealthy.

In addition, I don’t require you to pay for multiple sessions upfront, so there is no commitment. You pay as you go.

Our online scheduling system accepts prepaid gift cards from VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. These can be purchased at most gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores. Our scheduling system will also accept payments from PayPal.

Health insurance does not cover energy healing. BUT, if you have a Health Savings Account (HAS), a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), you may be able to receive reimbursement. Speak with your benefits administrator to see if your plan has an Alternative Healer reimbursement, if energy healing work is covered under that designation, what documentation may be required to support it, and any other type of information required for an alternative healer expense to qualify. All plans are different, and you are responsible for determining if you have coverage and submitting any paperwork or claims.

We are available as a complement to other treatments which you may be receiving. We cannot guarantee results, although the majority of our clientele appear to have significant improvements in their lives – spiritually, mentally and physically. No medical institution nor healer can guarantee anyone's health, nor can any treatment guarantee to be successful. We will promise you that we will put our heart and soul into your healing.
The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.