Know Your Vibrations

In my 40 years of practicing energy healing, a large number of my clients have experienced beautiful moments of transcendence, expansion and connectedness. Sometimes these moments last just a few minutes, others linger for weeks.  

When those beautiful feelings inevitably fade away, many times the client will be left with a deep longing.  They ask me to repeat the exact same energy frequencies in my work in order to recreate the same vibrations that bought them to that moment.

Your Beautiful Moments are not Lost

I recently had a customer of our store, Mystical Earth Gallery, convey that he had experienced strong feelings of peacefulness and an expansion of his consciousness soon after visiting us for the first time, which continued throughout subsequent visits.  He asked, was it possible that just being in the store would have shifted his vibrations to a different rate?  The answer is yes, it is possible.  But his vibrations could also have shifted because of the food he was eating at the time, other minerals and crystals he was carrying with him or meditating with, people he had contact with during that time period, etc., including visits to our store. I told him that it could have been any number of factors.

He, like my energy healing clients, wanted to bring back that beautiful state of being, and felt discouraged with his inability to access those same vibrations again. What could he do to experience those feelings again and build upon them?

I gave him the following answer:

You don't need to relive and find exactly what those factors were in order to reestablish that vibration.

When you've established a given vibration and it exists within you for several weeks or months, you do not lose that vibration.  In reality, your matrix is just experiencing a higher vibration in relationship to what you are normally used to experiencing, and this shows clear evidence that your matrix is evolving.  

One way to look at evolution is continuous advancement, which means change. Let's say you walked around with that beautiful vibration for some time, and now with the expansion of your matrix it had other vibrations to study.  These additional vibrations became intermingled into your matrix, creating many new vibrations.  

The original beautiful vibration is still there, where you experienced the expanded consciousness and feelings of peacefulness, but now you just have many additional vibrations that you are ignoring in order to pursue the original beautiful vibration. But remember, all of the vibrations you have accumulated in your matrix are beneficial, and you are only choosing to look for one and not noticing the other new vibrations, which are just as exciting.  You're focused on only finding that one vibration again, and when you feel a different vibration, you're dismissing both it and the original sweet vibration that is in there.

With practice you should be able to replicate the original vibration.  

While meditating, think of something, such as when you first felt that particular feeling of transcendence, joy, beauty, etc.; you should be able to bring that original vibration back up in your mind.  Another effective way is to think of unconditional love, such as looking at a baby or a young toddler, smiling ear to ear.  Hold onto that vibration of unconditional love.  Once you've established that vibration, just hold it in your being and allow yourself to bask in its vibration.  

If you can feel it but you think it's not strong enough, then just focus on what you can feel without the thought that it's not strong enough, and allow it to spread throughout your being.  You're not looking for lightening bolts, you're looking for the sweetness of a vibration, and that requires gentleness in its pursuit.  Everyone trains their brain not to accept the new, especially if you have the ability to feel energy.  

Train Your Brain to Recognize All Vibrations

People in general don't practice vibrations, and they don't practice shifting vibrations and what it feels like.  That is a very worthwhile practice to institute in your daily lives.  You'll train your brain to feel new vibrations and be able to bring up a wider spectrum of vibrations without dismissing them; you'll also train your brain not to be afraid of new sensations.  When you're looking for one vibration and you're feeling a vibration you've never felt before, you should allow yourself to feel that vibration.  

Your body is accumulating an archive of vibrations.  This in itself will help with expansion of the consciousness and the benefits that come with it.  

It's not magic, it can't be bestowed upon you, and you don't need "special powers" (c'mon, that's for comic books); you just need a willingness to grow as a human being and explore your own creation.

Be at peace.