Ask Me Anything: Alcoholism (Part 1)

Q: Can you help someone with alcoholism?

A: Yes, we can help you.

Quitting alcohol can be very complicated. The major factor is whether the person’s alcoholism has a genetic component. All tribes on Earth have drunk alcohol for thousands of years as a main staple. With the exceptions of the Americas, alcohol was not considered a mainstay and was rarely used. This is one of the reasons Native Americans do not do very well consuming large quantities of alcohol, whereas other cultures over thousands of years have become adaptive.

All the other cultures, just as they can handle alcohol better than Native Americans, also have a genetic disposition that makes them more vulnerable to need alcohol. If the alcoholism is genetic, it is far more difficult but can be overcome. The primary force must come from the one seeking to liberate him- or herself from alcohol addiction.

For instance, I would serve as a facilitator. There is no energy work I am familiar with that can stop an addiction in a few sessions. Energy work can help quicken your recovery, but it requires the active participation of the individual seeking liberation and deep, deep honesty with oneself.

If enough people are interested, I can go over my theories on how alcoholism is developed and how it can be overcome, especially if the flow of energy is conducive. It deals with everything from biochemistry, environment, and perception of self of your place in society, in addition to cultural expectations.