Why Merge Science and Spirit?

NASA photo taken with Hubble Space Telescope of the Carina Nebula, one of the largest star-birth regions in the galaxy.

Long ago, early man struggled to understand his environment around him. What makes the sun come up? Why do lights twinkle in the sky? How does the moon change its appearance? Why does the river run south? How does a seed become a great tree? Why do we grow old and fragile?

To articulate answers in ancient days, primitive humans used science or knowledge (which had been passed down from generation to generation) to gain an understanding of their environment. That which they did not understand was filled in by the creation of deities (or spirits), which more than likely represented every branch of nature, from the insects to trees to great beasts.

The people who sat around the campfire intellectualizing on the possibilities became the priests and priestesses of what later would become temples. It was unlikely that they were conning anyone – they were simply articulating the possibilities of existence to the best of their abilities, given the tools they had at the time.

Inevitably, everything that was articulated in one form or another, was done so as an expression of the will of a given deity. Thus, the spiritual and the scientific were interwoven as the same.

As the millenniums passed and record keeping advanced, man invented other modalities (mathematics, engineering, farming, and so on), each creating different branches of knowledge. Some of these modalities inevitably expressed conflict with the spiritual modalities, creating divisions. Man then divided his knowledge into the physical and the spiritual worlds, creating greater and greater dogma in all modalities.

We see this today in all walks of life. But what we have today – which we didn’t have in ancient days – is the free-flow of information.

Over a billion people today carry within their pockets a device called a “smartphone”. This allows us to supersede borders and communicate instantaneously around the world. Through this device and others like it, the average person now has access to 80% of man’s accumulated knowledge. We now have the capacity to articulate the physical and the spiritual in ways that just a few years ago were not possible.

Historically, an individual – on a rare occasion – may have reached, for a moment, through prayer or meditation an infinitely high level of consciousness. A Buddhist or a Hindu may have called it a “godhead” experience; a Christian may have used the expression, “the scales fell away from my eyes”. These are all ancient ways of describing the experience of “existing for a moment everywhere in the same moment”. If we look at such an experience where the mind opens into the infinite and with clarity, one can feel and see everything in the universe at the exact same moment.

Today there is another way to describe this experience – I, myself, have experienced it nineteen different times. For years I called it an omni-experience, for I could see into the minds of an infinite number of beings, comprehending each one individually with absolute clarity.

Today, I understand that what I experienced was a quantum state.

Many of you may have read of the latest thing in computing: the quantum computer. It is based on a theoretical principle that a single electron, in its reality, exists everywhere in the universe at the same time and in the same moment.

An electron vibrates at a quantum state; therefore, it exists everywhere in the universe simultaneously. Understanding this helps me realize that what I experienced was truly a quantum state of existence. It also shows me that no human being is excluded from divinity – we are all capable of excelling into a quantum state.

Because of my experiences in such a state, today I believe that science itself has evolved so far that the dogma created by it is being shattered with greater understanding. Science now has no choice but to explore that which we call the spiritual. And through this, those of us with spiritual beliefs now have the tools to better articulate our spiritual experiences.

Often, people tell me that I am so lucky to have the gifts that God has given me, as if I was anointed above another or favored by God. This always saddens me. I can tell you that the only gift I have been given by the Universe (or God) is the gift of life, which we all have. So then, we might ask the question of how I achieved bringing myself into a quantum state. I think the answer is rather simple: I have never stopped asking the questions I asked since I was 3 years old, and I have never been satisfied accepting dogma. I am still that 3-year-old: answer my question, and I will ask you why; answer that question and I will again ask you why.

I have simply never stopped asking why.

My life’s work has been to ask why. I have sat for days at a time in deep thought without moving; I have raked myself over broken glass and hot coals; I have screamed into the sky and into my heart. I assure you, what I have is not a gift; perhaps, an obsession.

For most of my brothers and sisters, the responsibility of career and family can be quite overwhelming, and just getting the basic necessities of life will consume our time, leaving little time for the deep pondering required. I have simply chosen to dedicate my time and my efforts in finding answers to the age-old questions: how am I here, what am I, who am I, and why was I made.

I believe that any human being who dedicates himself or herself to such pursuits, and who sets themselves free from dogma, will at some point reach a quantum state and find themselves touching the face of God.

Be at peace.