Ask Me Anything: Suffering

Q: Why is there always so much suffering in the world?

A: We follow the ways of our ancestors. We're still attempting to appease the ancient dead by spending a great deal of time looking for who and what we should shun in the name of the ancestors.

We follow the dead into their graves.

We are afraid to follow our hearts. We proclaim we do, but we ourselves will choose only to love a few, if at all. We are always looking away from ourselves to find solutions and rarely ever look inward to take responsibility for our own consciousness.

Until we free ourselves from the thoughts and perceptions of the ancients, we will never find ourselves and will continue to be a burden on the planet and toward each other.

Our potential is infinite, but we believe we are nothing, and that we should crawl at the feet of the masters and of the temples. In doing so, we will never find the temple within us.

We must let go the ancestors. They are dead, and we are not. Look within and set yourself free from the past.