Infinite Love

Everything is love, waiting to be realized; but when we discriminate, we block our capacity to love. We then replace love with something else, and that “something” is the tribe and our clan.

I've lived in many places, working with thousands of families over the years, and have found that what is presented as love, cannot be love.

There are just too many conditions we put on ourselves and others before we can even project love; and when we do perceive that we love, it isn't bi-directional. Instead, it is isolated into a laser beam and directed only at one person. Even amongst our clans, there are always those who we shun – or, at least, put on the bottom of the totem pole. We proclaim we love the leader of the clan, but then let them fall from grace for a moment, and we will consume them.

This is evidence we have not yet realized love as a species.

I am not saying that we cannot feel great desire and appreciation for another, but when we do, we then choose to isolate that love for the one.

Love cannot exist in such a limited environment. In fact, love requires a geometry of 360°x360°x360°, and it takes most people more than a lifetime to understand what that means. Instead, we ask people to create love, but not to expand it beyond 90° on a flat plane of existence. The truth is that the initiation of love is akin to the opening of a seed, and it must expand in every direction. If love doesn’t expand, it will be short-lived – a simple spark in the night.

However, one does not have to understand what it means to engage in infinite love. Infinite love isn't just between one person and another; nor is infinite love about the clan, the nation, or even the planet. It is about ALL of Creation. But even within our perceptions of Creation, we set it upon a foundation where we must purify and exclude most people from the frequency of love.

Such is the condition of the human species at this time.

There are those, of course, who do not wish to love; but even those amongst you who do practice love, how many people and things have you blocked from your consciousness, so you only feel what you perceive to be good? The frequency of love does not judge. It simply stands in absolute awe of every particle in the universe, and even the particle itself is an absolute miracle.

If you want to feel love, you must learn to stand in awe of Creation, beginning with oneself. For the moment you stand in awe, it is done without judgment; and in that moment, you will feel love surge throughout your entire being. You will then realize in those moments that, “I am”.

I am.

I am not created by the judgment of other humans or entities. I feel my being, and I know that I am cast by the Will, without judgment. I know that I am here to move forward and eliminate the excuses that ration compassion, brotherhood, charity and acceptance.

For those of you who have experienced the beauty of love, it is not for you to isolate and focus it as a laser unto only one individual.

We who have had the experience of falling deeply in love with another may wonder why the intensity of such a feeling is fleeting, and in most cases over the years, moves into the mundane. It is simple: the moment we embrace another heart, we plant a seed and become branded with the frequency of awe toward the other, but then we do what we have always done. We wish to own the other person, but not the love. We cast a shadow over the heart and prevent the light from expanding 360°x360°x360°.

The moment we isolate love and say, “It is only for you and no other”, the seed of love cannot expand; and in most cases, will perish. For without the seed of love expanding into every being and particle, it cannot be free to grow.

When we are branded by love, that vibration still exists within us, even if it was 50 years ago. One might l say, “Yes, I once loved, and I was betrayed”, but it is you who has betrayed love. For even though the code of love still exists within you, it is suppressed by selfishness; this I learned decades ago. When I started practicing love, I would reach inside and allow myself to feel the experiences I’ve had throughout my life, no matter the outcome of the relationship. I realized that I have been so fortunate, as I have been branded with love throughout my life, and the only thing preventing me from experiencing that love is bitterness – but only because society has programmed us to feel we must be bitter if a relationship has met its conclusion.

We do not pause, even for a moment, to understand how fortunate we are to have been branded at all with love.

So many who are deeply and passionately in love become bitter and hateful, for when you do not allow the seed of love to expand its roots, it will become darkness. You have stunned the spark, and you cannot feel or see the light of the seed of love.

Philosophers throughout the millenniums have attempted to describe love and its finer details. It’s very difficult to do, and this is where intellect gets in the way. We must ask ourselves why we have a dispute within us whereas we proclaim love, but yet, by our own customs, we limit its expansion to be between only two people. It’s then somewhat further diminished when expanded to the family, diminished again to the clan, and beyond that (if at all), barely detectable.

It is simple: we question love, we question our worthiness, and we cannot accept love without owning the being for whom we proclaim we love.

It is possible to set love free. Love must be set free. Even if it is only a moment that you experience love, whether you realize it or not, you are fortunate that you have experienced such beauty. That vibration exists in you forever.

I'm not saying it's easy, in any way, shape or form. The files in your physical brain will bombard you with all the injustices of existence, and you will proclaim yourself and others not to be worthy of love. You might also scream into the sky, “Why should I love, if tomorrow you’ll take it away from me?” Instead, we choose to be bitter and hateful, until someone proves to us that they love us -- and only us.

If we are lucky and do experience that moment of love, we immediately imprison it with ownership papers, and call upon the ancestors to guide our hearts and our minds. How often someone has said to me, “If you love me, you will do this”.

I cannot prove to you that I love you; I can only allow my heart to touch your heart.

This is the next evolutionary step for the human race. We are now evolved enough to set love free, without conditions, and allow it to expand and cover every grain of sand on this planet, and every being. We often hear claims of manifestation through one exercise or another, and I say that this is only possible when the whole of mankind embraces each other with love.

Love is not about an individual.

Why should we limit love to one person or one clan, when we have the capacity to stand in awe with everything and everyone? Imagine the powerful feeling, the magnificence of the sensation of love you will feel when you allow that to happen.

How extraordinarily beautiful!

Imagine with each person you add to that love, it multiplies itself. Imagine a true love that touches everything – what magnificence could that bring to your existence! I assure you, if you felt it, you would be perfectly fine dying; you have reached the ultimate. Perhaps I'm a bit complicated when it comes to that, but it is something we should all think about. How can we expand love when society demands its’ children walk to the altar and swear before God and the heavens that their love shall never extend beyond the two; that forever they shall be one, forever they shall love, and forever they shall love no other. They will only love God and their union.

The ancestors have told us we are too weak and too small in mind to love more than one. For those who do, they should be punished and sent to Hell to burn forever.

So, you want to know why you do not feel love?

I can't give you the definition of love. I can't even tell you what it feels like, other than it feels a lot better than discriminating and measuring who will receive what degree of love. When you set yourself free with the one you have fallen in love with and seek not to own, but rather to experience the moments, we then allow love to grow and touch the hearts and minds of our neighbors and the heavens.

We should not ask, “What is love”. We should ask, “How can I begin the journey to become love?”

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