Spring Joy

Spring is here, and if you could feel all the energy from the renewal of life that is happening outside, it would be tremendous. All the buds on the trees, all the new plants peeking up from the ground, animals preparing for birth – we can’t see all that energy, but we can feel it.

Watch a child playing outside for the first time in spring (or remember your experiences as a child). There’s a great burst of life and energy as they feel the joy of the renewal, but they’re not aware of what they’re feeling. They just feel; they don’t question it. They exist in the moment, whether they're spending an hour observing an insect or playing in a puddle of water.

Just for a moment today, walk outside and sit quietly. Just sit and observe, and breathe life in.

In fact, do this for 5 minutes every day this month. By the end of the month, see how much more you appreciate every breath of every day.

Find peace in those moments and carry that energy throughout your day. Every day should be a renewal.