The Truth About Meditating

Many people tell me that they want to meditate, but can never seem to find a quiet place, even when they go into nature. When they do manage to find a quiet place, they can't keep their focus and start thinking about all the problems in their lives. Some get angry with me because I make tuning into vibrations and meditation sound so easy. While I have never implied that meditation was simple or easy, I have said it is much more painful to remain in an unfulfilled state of existence.

These people not only attempt to meditate, but they are also practicing honesty; they observe a truth about which most people see, but few admit.

Over the years, I have met many people making great claims, even though they have just begun their journey. This includes everything from astral projection, to accessing the Akashic Library, to healing a person on the other side of the planet with one simple meditation. They are all looking for the perfect crystal - their magic wand. Although I believe that all crystals and minerals can help one create a vibration more conducive to meditation, I do not believe that they alone will propel one into enlightenment.

The process of meditation can take many avenues and thousands of methods. Today, one finds many books and many teachers all interpreting or guaranteeing their strict methods will work. It seems the more complex they are, the greater promise of achieving consciousness or enlightenment.

I have meditated for many decades with many methods, everything from hallucinogenic drugs to ceremonies with tribesmen. Although I have had some extraordinary experiences, none of those methods have freed me from the pain of life for any length of time. What they did show me is this: the journey in finding long-term benefits from meditation is deeply personal.

I suggest you use the simplest form of meditation.

Start by focusing on your breath, exhaling through your mouth, forcing all the air out of your lungs. Then breathe in deeply through your nose while fully expanding your lungs, repeating this cycle five times.

Now begin gently breathing in through your nose, and out through your mouth, continuing this throughout your meditation (I put an emphasis on “gently” breathing). Do not burden yourself with finding a super-quiet place, because even if you find this special place, you would immediately find the noise in your head far more distracting than the natural sounds of mankind.

The exercise of quieting the mind is not about erasing emotions that surge through your being, nor is it about erasing thoughts in your head. Some people meditate and believe they're not successful because a teacher has told them about being able to instantly access infinite wisdom in his/her special meditation spot.

This is closer to the truth: the quieter you become, the greater noise you hear.

It takes many years of consistent practice to find that quiet moment, as any teacher who has taken such a journey will tell you. The quieting of the mind does not come through eliminating thought or blocking out all things within oneself; instead, it comes through maintaining a specific focus on “anything” – in this case, your breath.

As you start recognizing this truth, begin practicing while bringing yourself back to the focus on your breath. You may have to do this several times per second. Remember, honesty is the most important part of this exercise. Do not get frustrated, do not think less of yourself, and do not perceive you cannot do it; just remember you must remind yourself, gently, to go back to the focus of your breath. The goal is to not bicker with or judge what you see.

If you can achieve three seconds without judgement, your mind will open into clarity. This requires honesty and full openness with self, without shame or guilt of your existence.

Let’s say that for some reason, a perfect cube appears in your 3rd eye. It’s bright red, and you simply think, "what a perfect red cube”. The truth of the matter is that you have just judged the cube. Now, to see the cube in its perfection and feel its brilliance without words is an example of quieting the mind. This is not easily done. As you practice this, then over time your honesty in working toward not judging what you see in your meditations will then transfer into every aspect of your life.

You will begin to find you have the tendency to observe, rather than to judge. You will find yourself being more straightforward with yourself and others. Even though, at this point, you will not have hit a level of what one would call enlightenment, you will find you are more peaceful within yourself and more accepting.

It is a never-ending journey.

Meditation properly applied can assist you in all walks of life. Please do not attempt to compete with those who claim they can access infinite knowledge or astro project. The truth of the matter is, if you cannot silence the mind, you can do none of those things.

Will crystals and minerals help you? Absolutely. Our most popular specimens for meditation are Herkimer Diamonds and Moldavite (also called the “stone that fell from the heavens”). Either of these can help create an excellent energy field within and around you, and will assist you to focus on your breath. We have a very large selection of Herkimer Diamonds and Moldavite at Mystical Earth Gallery.

It is not an easy journey, and can become quite boring at times. Try meditating 25 minutes each day for 30 days; whether you achieve a vision or not, you will find it very beneficial to your peace of mind.

Be at peace.