Healing the Heart of the Nation

I’ve been practicing energy/spiritual healing for 40 years. Over time, I’ve become very sensitive to the flow of energy. As I place my hand over an individual, if they are in pain, I can feel the specific vibration of pain. Likewise, if they are happy, I can feel the vibration of happiness emitting from them.

Most times I can feel their heart pumping as though it is in the palm of my hand. I never diagnose, but I sometimes feel the heart struggling to pump blood through the cardiovascular system. I do not like to instill fear in an individual by telling them they have a life-threatening condition; however, I have chosen to insist they see their physician to specifically address such an issue. I know they might become terrified, but I also believe that since I see it and their life is in danger, there is no other choice to be made.

I insist that they set up an appointment with their physician as soon as possible. Because of this, I’ve had people become extremely angry with me.

Many years ago, when I practiced in Taos, New Mexico, a gentleman came to me to experience energy work. I knew nothing of the man nor his background. He looked like the perfect human specimen. When I placed my hand over his chest, I felt the vibration of his heart pulsating in the palm of my hand - and it felt as though it was about to blow up. I saw this all so clearly.

I immediately stopped the healing work, and asked if he had a heart condition. He said, “No. I run marathons, I am in perfect physical health”.

I told him I didn’t want to scare him, but he should take me seriously and call his physician immediately to set up a full physical examination, with an emphasis on his heart. He asked me in a dismissive tone “Why would you say that?”, and I explained to him what I had felt. He jumped off my table and accused me of being a con artist, and that was I trying to scare him. He stated he had a great deal of clout with New Mexico’s Medical Board, and he was going to make sure I would be investigated for making a false diagnosis. He stomped out of the room as he was calling me all sorts of foul names.

Two months later, he returned and thanked me for saving his life.

He couldn’t get my warning out of his mind, so upon returning to Denver he went to see his best friend, who was a cardiologist. Three hours later, he was in surgery receiving a quadruple bypass, with the cardiologist telling him it was a miracle he was alive. Whenever I have felt this condition in an individual, those who take me seriously have discovered upon visiting their physicians that there is a life-threatening problem. Unfortunately, among those who have ignored what I see, most of them have had heart attacks.

Sometimes these experiences weigh heavy on me; but because of these experiences, I choose not to hold my tongue, even if it means there could be negative consequences for myself. When a life is in danger and one knows it, one must speak out.

So today, just as I can feel the heart of a person pumping in my hands, I feel the heart of this nation pumping in my being, and it is not good.

There is great sadness; but even more so, there is hatred and fear, and it is clogging the arteries of our great nation. We must take action to prevent the accumulation of this debris and prevent the heart from blowing up. This cannot be done through blind hatred or by justifying fear, for these frequencies will always act as cholesterol does in the human heart, clogging our hearts and minds.

As difficult as it may be, one must look within oneself – with honesty – and measure the rhythms of hate and fear with which they are vibrating. I’m not asking you to justify the reasons; instead, I am asking you to measure the rhythm emitting from your heart. Do not look at the reason of why it exists, because understand that the moment you do, you justify feeding the arteries of the nation with more clogging vibrations. Look into your heart and let yourself feel and be honest with yourself. Can you honestly say that you love without condition? If you can, then you are already healing the heart of the nation.

But if you answer honestly and admit you do not love unconditionally (as most of us do not), I will not burden you with the request you should love your neighbor. For most, that would be a daunting task, especially today. I cannot ask an individual with a heart condition to run a 20k marathon, but I can ask him to begin by taking a walk around the block several times a day.

So, let us begin with a gentle step.

If you cannot love, then let us begin by working on NOT hating our brothers and sisters just because one does not have the same skin color as you, or because one worships at a different temple, or another does not worship at all. Let us begin by not hating someone because of their political affiliation.

If we are to find love, we must first stop the frequency of hate. We cannot wait to replace hate with love. We must put hate to rest, because it serves no purpose other than to poison our hearts and the hearts of our children and lead us down a path of self-destruction.

Let us begin this first step by not looking for reasons to justify hate. Instead, look for the benefits and justification of not hating. Let your heart beat without hatred and you will find that it will also beat without fear. Your mind will clear, and you will be better able to feel the existence of self: your divine uniqueness and your individuality. Through accepting this, you will also start accepting the divine uniqueness in others.

As you lose the fear of self, with it will go the fear of others.

You will become more accepting, because you will be able to focus on your life. You will be able to accept your own counsel to self, and perhaps you will even stop searching for another to tell you how to think and behave toward others.

This is what is necessary to open up the nation’s arteries, to allow blood to flow into the consciousness so that we may all appreciate the great diversity of every living being, and to be accepting to all - even when it’s hard to do. You will see your children smile in joy and happiness, for your household will no longer vibrate with the frequencies of hate and division, but rather with an open flow of energy. Your children will smile from their hearts, and so too will the heart of the nation.

Walk with the Prophets.

Be at peace.