The Age of the Spookies

Our clientele at Mystical Earth Gallery (our mineral specimens store) come from many walks of life and many belief systems.

We love our clients, but occasionally we encounter someone who is afflicted with the “SPOOKIES”. What are the spookies? The spookies are fantasies created to explain anything you don’t understand in order to justify your fears and put them into perspective, usually by blaming your fears on someone or something else.

Case in point: a woman recently purchased a beautiful Obsidian sphere from our store. She was very happy with its beauty and energy vibration, plus the positive energy of the store and our staff. We found out later she had spoken with one of her friends, who claims to be a witch. According to her friend, there was bad "karma" in the mineral specimen and that it must be in everything we sell.

Our customer’s friend was more than happy to take this woman’s joy away and replace it with fear. The customer became so upset that she threw the mineral specimen away and is now actively distributing her fear throughout the community, free of charge. This is only one example of how fear is so easily spread.

People find it necessary that evidence of love must be scrutinized, but fear and terror is so easily accepted without any form of proof. It is an epidemic.

So, who is afflicted with these spookies? In most cases, very nice people who rely on superstition instead of logic.

Luckily it doesn’t happen often, but we’ve had evangelical Christians telling us to repent or be doomed; new-agers who are upset because we don’t believe in Atlantis or the latest spiritual fad drawn up from the ancient past; pagans upset because we don’t believe in spells; or mineral collectors upset because we have knowledge about the energetic properties of the specimens. Because of these differences in opinion, some people will find reason to embrace the “spookies”.

We believe it is sad, but we also know it is part of the affliction of the consciousness.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, and we absolutely respect everyone and their belief systems, just as long as it doesn’t harm others. However you choose to use these beautiful crystal & mineral specimens is your own business.

Heck, paste googly eyes and make them into pet rocks - whatever makes you happy.

Our philosophy is that we simply believe in logic when it comes to energy. Everything has vibration, and everything has a certain frequency of energy. That’s it. We are happy to share our knowledge and offer for sale beautiful specimens, but in return we expect people to respect our free will.

Now, energy can be used in innumerable ways, and here are just a few: quartz crystals to balance watches or to transmit radio signals, small rubies used for lasers in DVD players, and energy used to clear blockages in the body (energy healing, acupuncture, acupressure, etc). The sun’s light is pure energy, with 174 quadrillion watts hitting the earth at any given time, giving life to all things on earth.

Energy, you have to admit, is pretty awesome.

Fear is a wavelength of energy, but unlike the sun, it is not awesome. As plants and animals absorb the light from the sun, so too, do we absorb the wavelengths of fear.

In reality, there is a great epidemic of fear afflicting many of our brothers and sisters. It seems as though so many people are moving away from the personal responsibility of taking ownership of their emotions. For example, “If I am not feeling good this morning, then someone must be casting a spell on me”. Quite possibly instead, you’re feeling the effects of the junk food you ate the day before, or the six beers you drank the night before to escape feeling the emptiness of living, or the steady diet of negative news and pharmaceutical drugs you rely on to get through each day.

There are so many people in the business of selling “spookies” to others. This is a very easy thing to accomplish today. Our entire society is permeated with fear. It is in every aspect of our lives, including our politics and religions. It is in the pharmaceutical advertisements, the news media, our social media networks, and entertainment. It seems as though the planet is always salivating for more, with demagogues drooling about how easily they can sell us fear.

As long as we blame others for our emotional conditions, others can control us.

As long as we remain in a state of fear, others can always take your moment of beauty and turn it into the very reason you should be terrified. Many of us use our divine intelligence to imagine what could possibly go wrong, but we do not take into consideration that most of us could not fantasize those ugly possibilities if we were not safe and well-fed in our own homes.

When we do not take personal responsibility for how we feel, we then allow others to dictate how we feel and continue to justify why we are afraid. It always seems to be someone else’s fault. Instead, let us take personal responsibility and accept that, yes, there is a great deal of fear on this planet and that those vibrations increase daily.

If you do not find something positive to focus on, you leave yourself vulnerable to the vibration of fear.

In many cases, you began vibrating with that rhythm of fear; but it’s not because anyone has done anything to you, physically or spiritually. It is not because you have been abandoned by the angels or your spirit guides. It is not because a “demon” has entered your home. It is the heartbeat of fear itself, emitting from the global consciousness, which is enhanced by our global communications networks and many of our friends and neighbors.

Perhaps it would be good for all of us to focus on the blessings that life brings us.

Be at peace.