Empty Words, Empty Hearts

Many of my clients who see me for energy healing and coaching have previously seen psychiatrists or counselors for years, and yet have only become more insecure in life; but after only a few sessions with me, they tell me their self-esteem rises and they feel much better about life. They want to know why my words affect them so much.

Intent has a great deal to do with it.

Although I am looking for clients so I can pay for life's necessities, my passion is that one might realize the greatness of one’s own creation. For too many counselors and psychiatrists, their primary intent is the accumulation of clients for the long-term, with most (but not all) determining where you are in life based upon a chart created through presumption to fit the masses and keep the status quo. Amongst these people, the majority do their work without passion. Therefore, their words are empty.

Words within themselves do not create a healing frequency, nor does a chart.

Whatever we do in life, when we do it with the passion of the heart, we have greater results, and the same is true with our words. Today, though, it is difficult because of political correctness with more and more rules continuously being added to the rituals of protocol (what we can say and cannot say). It forces most of us to express ourselves in monotone, and therefore creates a frequency that’s bland and mundane. It does not excite, it does not bring joy, and it does not heal. It leaves us with the impression that whatever the person said to us is scripted.

Because of political correctness, we seem to be stripping away the passion of our words. When we strip away the passion from our expressions and our words are projected in the monotone, it gives no meaning to what has been said.

The energy of passion gives meaning to the words; sincerity in what we say gives life to the words.

Let us take for example the word “love”; how often do we hear it today? It seems for many it is so difficult to believe in the power of love. Perhaps the word is overused, or perhaps it is not used enough. I hear it all the time in my work. Every day I hear someone saying, “I love you”, or “I love everyone”, and too often I feel sadness in the vibration they are projecting, or even worse, emptiness, as it is said without heart. I have even observed one person assuring another that she loved him, but the energy I saw and felt was envy.

In some cases, I have felt more passion coming from old pull-string dolls – pull the string and the doll's recording says, “I love you”.

Many years ago as a young man, I was working in Chicago at the Sears Tower Skydeck. I was going through a very rough period in my life, and I felt as though I was at the end of my rope. A woman passed by carrying a little girl about 4 years old. I seemed to have caught the child’s attention, as I heard her say, “Mommy, that man is sad”. Half an hour later, the mother and child approached me. The little girl looked into my eyes, and handed me a stuffed toy Dachshund.

The little girl told me how she only had $3.25, and that the doggy cost her $4.50 plus tax; she had told the clerk in the Skydeck store how important it was to her to buy it for me, because she was on a mission. The clerk was so moved by the child’s story that she paid the rest of the money to purchase the doggy out of her own pocket. The little girl handed me the red stuffed toy dachshund wearing a green sweater. The writing on the side of the sweater said, “I love you, no matter what”.

The little girl, with great intent, said to me “And I love you with all my heart”. So great were the truth of her words, that I broke down instantly and couldn’t stop crying. Her love was pure of heart.

That moment became a pivoting point in my life.

When we deliver our words encapsulated in a vehicle of sincerity and delivered with passion, we can change anyone’s life. It may even cause an impression in time itself.

That moment not only caused a pivoting point in my life, but apparently created the same in her life. Some twenty years later, I received a phone call from a young lady. She asked for an intuitive reading, and we covered many subjects. As we neared the end of the appointment, she said “One more question, but I don’t know if you can do this”. She then expressed to me that as a 4-year-old visiting the Sears Tower, she saw a man who looked so sad that she became very concerned about him. She said she bought a stuffed animal for him from the gift shop. Was it possible for me to be able to scan the ethers to find whatever happened to this man?

Once again, I burst into tears. As I choked the words out, I told her in that moment many years ago when she expressed her love, she changed my life forever. She asked me what I meant, and I told her that she was speaking to the man about whom she inquired. I recounted to her the details of the experience, and she burst into tears. She always wondered what happened to me, and never forgot that day.

I explained to her that through the truth of her expression, she had created a frequency so powerful that it altered the course of my life. It set into motion a healing in my heart and consciousness which continues to unfold.

When we tell someone we love them, it is simply – more often than not – just three words. It has little to no effect on others, as the word must be infused with the vibration of one’s intent; otherwise, it is but a shadow.

When we encapsulate our words with the vibration of sincerity, we affect others in ways we cannot even imagine. As in the case of the little girl having such a powerful effect, we must understand that we, too, can affect others with our words. Let us be cautious that we do not put passion into our words as we express ugliness; for just as the beauty of love expressed through this beautiful child altered my life, so can one alter the life of another by projecting ugliness infused with passion, causing long-term damage to another human being. Let us use the passion of the heart in the expression of beauty.

The power of the heart and the power of passion that comes from sincerity is mighty powerful. It not only has the potential to create healing in the moment, but may extend for many decades. Our words are important.

Let us not inhibit our words, and the meaning of how we express those words, based on a chart or what is politically correct to express through the rules which have been laid down by the insecure. Let us practice sincerity in our words, and watch your heart begin its unfolding.

Be at peace.