Ask Me Anything: The Higher Self

QUESTION: How does a person connect with their higher self?

(Before I answer this question, I’ll give a brief description of what some spiritual belief systems call the “higher self”, as a lot of my readers are not familiar with the terminology. The most common perception of the “higher self” is that it represents the spiritual part of yourself, while the “lower self” represents your physical body and is to be rejected.)

ANSWER: The moment we decide to begin the hunt or acquisition of the higher self, we submit to the ancient belief system that we are flawed, so much so, that we project our faith away from the true self in the hunt of a mythical being. The deeper the hunt, the further away you will move from your heart.

I have spent many decades observing the hunters of the higher self, and some of the main reasons these seekers gave for rejection of self are:

• I have been on a spiritual journey for decades, and I am still angry.
• I still lust for pleasure.
• I am afraid of my neighbors.
• I’ve never been acknowledged for anything.

We can go on and on with how we measure ourselves. If we read the ancient holy books, we will find great evidence of the pathetic creature that we are, and therefore, must search outside of ourselves. Even to perceive that we have been made right is a foreign concept.

But the truth of the matter is this: we have been made by the divine hand of the universe, and we have been made right and whole, and need not follow our ancestors away from ourselves.

The key that one must begin the journey with is to understand that your pain is because you have not yet mastered the knowing of self, and you must see with clarity that you are the total self, forever evolving.

Let us look within the self and embrace all elements of self, one step at a time, one breath at a time.

It is the “within” we must master. It can be a difficult, frustrating endeavor, but with consistent practice it is truly worth the journey.

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