Do We Really Die?

Q: What are your thoughts on what happens to us after we “pass on” from this “side” of existence?

A: My experience is that death does not have anything to do with judgment, and it has nothing to do with the rites of passage. About the only thing that is true in relationship to what religions and philosophies perceive is that your life will be reviewed – but that you will be judged by it is incorrect. It will be an expression of your journey, and that information is then deposited into the universe.

The universe is information.

Yet, what we don't really grasp is that what we perceive to be one life is just a single breath of your life.

With anything in evolution, all information is shared with all vibrating material or fabric of the universe. There is software embedded in all vibrating material, such as an electron, and the electron is the beginning of life. It is difficult to understand this because we flatten everything out in our thinking to create a picture of existence which matches the fear of millenniums long past.

It is impossible to die. I do not say this because I have been taught this or I have read it somewhere; I say it because I have experienced it.

In high school, we were taught that nothing can be destroyed, and that it can only be transformed from one state of being into another state of being. We can use that same teaching to look at what we call death and see that we will always exist.

For now, I believe that for the goal of evolution to continue to unfold is that greater and greater consciousness must be created. Many holy books have reference to a continuous state of evolution. In some they state that the lion will lay with the lamb; this is more of a reference of evolving to where we no longer reject parts of ourselves (elements of our personality), and we embrace within ourselves the lion and the lamb.

I am the lion and the lamb. I exclude no part of myself. My journey is that I may be at peace with all elements of myself so that I may know the perfection of Creation.