What it Means to Be in the “Now”

In many self-help and spiritual books, being in the “Now” has become a speaking point. In reality, the journey of the “Now” is an extraordinary journey to undertake and is truly beyond words to articulate.

When you are in the “Now”, you’re focused on experiencing everything in that moment – from the rhythm of your being to the rhythm of the air, to the beating heart of the planet. You are witnessing that moment. You are seeing beauty in everything when you exist in the Now. You see the awe of existence. You’re not planning the future and you’re not judging the past. You are absolute Now, and that is the most incredible absoluteness that you can ever feel while you are in the flesh.

Perception plays a great part in constructing what one perceives to be the Now.

Because I study history at the degree that I study it, many people would say I live in the past. I study history (and the culture and belief systems within that history, most importantly) so that I can find and see how it correlates to the Now, and in doing so, I can see how we continue to repeat the past. Technologically we have advanced, but we now use the technological advancements to push the narratives of the ancestors.

In general, the voices of hatred and fear are still the most sought-after attributes that we exercise.

For me, the Now is to look at as much of the story of this world and see it all at once, which I spend a great deal of time doing. I see no difference from the ancestors in relationship to the aggressive nature of man today.

We continue to commit genocide on all life forms throughout our history. By not living in the Now, man’s evolution has consisted of focusing on the ugliest attributes of man while giving very little attention to compassion. To live in the Now would be to see that we live in the past, and that we execute all our judgments based on the ancient past.

If you know the story of this world, you can start seeing the futility of attempting to improve upon a system of the ancient past and somehow make it better. The Now would show you that we need a new beginning.

To be able to set ourselves free would be the greatest revolution of all, and we cannot be free until we are in the Now.

Instead, we're always trapped in someone else's perception. Most of those perceptions are our perceptions of somebody else's perception of somebody else's perception in the past. How many grandfathers do you know that were jerks when they were alive, but today they are heroes with legends impossible to live up to. We praise the past. We fantasize about our heroes of the past and the greatness of people, and we don't see the Now.

The popular ideas of the Now that I have seen all begin with the wisdom of the ancients, but there is no one way to reach the Now and there is no absolute way to reach the Now. What the past can do is teach us WHY we must become “I am” and the “Now”, as they are one and the same.

I am because of “Now”.

The moment you touch the Now, you become a light in the darkness. In becoming the Now within yourself, you illuminate us all.