Moments of Joy

Perhaps one of the problems we experience with love is that we have not learned to savor a moment of joy. All too often when we experience something beautiful, we are momentarily distracted; we then move into the vibration of the distraction, and have little or no recollection of the moment’s beauty.

If you are starving and receive a gift of food, you don’t reject it because you fear that tomorrow you will again be hungry. Instead, you will be grateful, for today you can fill your belly and savor the flavors, textures and fragrance of this gift.

So, why is it when we are in an unhappy state and a pleasant opportunity presents itself, we so often reject it because we know that tomorrow our misery may return? It is true that there is difficulty in the pain of life; but, should we not treat it as we would hunger? If we are hungry and food is offered, we will be glad to receive it, and we will nourish our being with it. I have worked with many people over the years who have suffered from depression and anger. If they have been in these states for long periods of time, the majority of them will reject opportunities to be happy, even for a moment. Often I hear them say, “What’s the use? I’ll just be miserable tomorrow”.

This may be true, but it is because of that very fact one should embrace the opportunity to be happy for a moment.

Would the person suffering from hunger reject a gift of a meal, and say to you, “What is the use, I will only be hungry tomorrow”. In most cases, the hungry person will rejoice in the gift. If we suffer in loneliness and depression, we must then search for every opportunity to find a moment of joy – even if just a brief moment – so that we may clear pain from our being.

Perhaps, over time, we may learn to savor these brief moments; and through the savoring, practice initiating a frequency of beauty within us.

This technique has helped me bring many people out from depression, as the more we savor a moment of beauty, the greater vibrations we create within our being. In time, the person worries or surrenders to the depression of tomorrow less and less; instead, they start to practice savoring every moment of beauty that presents itself in the now.

The more you nurture the good moments, the longer their duration will be. Over time, we find moments of beauty where we would have never looked before. We find that our capacity to exist in a happy place has always been there, and we just needed to practice it with greater frequency. The more we practice, the more we open our hearts to the miracle of life.

Yes, we may realize the pain of life; but because of that pain, we understand that we must savor every moment of beauty and we must practice holding onto beauty’s vibration.

Many who I have worked with have achieved this to the point of giving up their chemical dependencies. Most must work at focusing on the positive moments of their life on a daily basis; others evolve these exercises to where little or no effort is required – and those are the people are able to find joy in the happiness of others.

But unfortunately, some people become so overconfident that they stop practicing savoring each moment; over time, they turn again to depression. The same is true with the vibration of love.

Let us take for example, two people falling in love. New love is so great – everything around us shines, and everyone we look at is beautiful. If we are newly in love and we take a walk in the park, it seems as though everyone smiles at us. The gaze of a baby will naturally follow you, and even the squirrels and birds aren’t afraid of you.

When we first fall in love, we spend time exercising it. We pay great attention to and go out of our way for each other. In time, we stop sharing this vibration with the world when we make a covenant of it to be shared only between the two of us, as in marriage. As we do this, it seems that love’s ecstasy is diminished over time.

In reality, it’s no different than the person who overcame depression: they return to the state of despair, all because they stopped consciously practicing the experience of joy. So too, is it with love.

If we don’t actively practice expanding love, it inevitably seems to dissipate.

When we savor that first moment of love, it becomes a beacon and a point of reference to its vibrational frequency. We should feel that beauty, and work toward projecting the beauty of one’s love into the hearts and minds of others through our actions. In this way, we then exercise love.

When an individual deeply in love smiles at a stranger with the same love they have for their mate, it amplifies love - it does not threaten it. When you look at another and project the intensity of your love, it strengthens the frequency of love within you; you then return to your mate with a higher frequency of love. It does not threaten love.

If the couple practices projecting their love for each other to everyone and everything around them, they would only become more secure in their state of love toward each other.

The seed that was brought forth through their joining together will receive the nutrients necessary, and begin its germination. As they continue using the intensity of their love as a point of reference to what should be shared with others, the seed of love will sprout many leaves; and like most plants, will grow and bear fruit as it receives the proper care.

You see, love is forever when it is shared. It will only diminish when we isolate it, and block the light of others from it. When we share the frequency of love, we assure its survival not just for ourselves, but for humanity itself.

Be at Peace.