It's Always My Birthday

I remember saying this in the first grade to my teacher: “It’s always my birthday. This is the moment I was born in, so today and every day is my birthday.”

We are always in the moment we were born. We don't see it, but we are. And this more than likely explains why I was so obsessed with time as a child.

We’re always attempting to project ourselves into the past or into the future.

The moment you were born was not yesterday; the moment you were born is the same moment you exist in today. You cannot escape the moment, as it has always been with you. It is the portal you came in through, and it cannot be switched for another time. You cannot exist in your ancestors’ past, as they were projected yesterday into this universe.

This moment of existence is the same moment of your birth. We are always unfolding in the same moment we are born. There is no difference.

You exist in this time.

It is the “Now”.

And this is why the “Now” is so important: it identifies the self, when you can lock into the "Now". As long as we're behind or ahead of time, we're scattered. In the first grade I was right when I said "my birthday is today", because IT IS the exact same moment I was born, and I'm locked into that moment. I see this with clarity more and more each day.

You never leave that moment.

You move with time. You don't move against time, forward or reverse. You are IN time, and nothing can escape that time. It's pretty deep, but it's beautiful.

Another way of observing this: Your birthday was not yesterday. Yesterday is your ancestors’ birthdays, and maybe not even that. Maybe the moment began with the first cell, and it is still that moment. We see time as a distance, as the beginning and an end, but the heavens have been screaming at us forever that there is no beginning and there is no end.

We're looking for the beginning and the end in everything we do. We haven't discovered that moment yet, although there are many philosophers, preachers, gurus, physicists and scientists who have caught a glimpse; but they themselves don't pursue it once they convince others, because now they have a following to appease. As long as you're attempting to interpret it for someone else, you move away from that moment.

But the moment that we're really looking for is the moment of creation. And for all of us, that is the moment of our birth.