Is Time Linear From One Point To Another? Or is it Spherical?

What is time?

We see time as a measuring stick, like a ruler. We perceive time by putting dates on it. And we’re never happy to stay IN time, in the present, in the “Now”; instead, we’re always attempting to ESCAPE time. We’re always attempting to get to tomorrow, or to go way back into the ancient beliefs.

When you are in the Now, you no longer escape time. In the Now, you move with time, in harmony.

Imagine a hot-air balloon. You’re standing in the basket, floating in the air. If you smoke a cigarette while floating, the smoke will stay with you and move at the same speed you’re moving. There is no resistance to the wind because you ARE the wind at that point. This is because the hot air balloon always moves at the same speed of the wind, so the air around you will always move at the same speed.

Therefore, the smoke from the cigarette will take a very, very long time to move away from you since you’re moving at the same speed as the wind, even though when you look down at the ground, you can see you are moving fast.

The atmosphere is moving with the atmosphere.

We are essentially a balloon in time. Just as that balloon is suspended IN the atmosphere WITH the atmosphere and has no propulsion system, it is also trapped in that wind and no matter what it does, it cannot escape as long as the balloon stays intact.

We are in time in the same way. Time may actually move, but we are always moving with it from the very moment we are born; in fact, we are still in the exact same moment of our birth because we are still in that exact space in time – the same as the hot-air balloon in the wind.

Just as the balloon is carried by the wind, we are forever carried by that moment in time which we were born. This is where we exist now, and we never move from that space of time.

When we think of yesterday, we put our hearts and minds into the offenses of yesterday. When we honor the dead, most of the time we are throwing our ancestors’ past into our future to fulfill their wishes of what we should become. But if we stand for one moment in the “Now”, we can break from the linear ruler that we use to measure time, and our vision instantly expands 360°x360°x360°.

And then you see that you cannot escape time because you yourself are time.

Scientists today understand that we are quantum in nature, but there is no reason to stop the observation at that point. As I see into time, I cannot understand time until I surrender into the moment. I then see that I am not separate from time. I am not a cell in time, but rather, I am time itself. And as time, I expand spherically 360°x360°x360°.

When I see the Now, I see that I am forever expanding in the moment of my creation. Time is my body. Time is the body of life.