Free Yourself From the Words & Attitudes of Toxic People

A problem everyone encounters in their life is being affected by the negative words and attitudes of others.

And there’s a multitude of advice out there on how to deal with toxic people.

“Blocking” the other person’s energy from affecting you is a favorite technique pushed by many self-help gurus and wellness experts. The truth is this: you may perceive that you have blocked another person’s negative energy, but that is a delusion.

Instead, you have only blocked the portions of your brain recording the offending event, and you just become blind to the offending energy (which, by the way, is still vibrating within you). Inevitably, the person who uses techniques to block energy will narrow their mind as they block more and more of the reality around them. You end up blocking your own neuron cells.

To be oblivious to everything around you does not mean reality is not taking place.

You really can’t block an event from history, it vibrates forever. When you oppose it, you’re amassing a great percentage of your energy toward disrupting a historical event. You ultimately record, along with that event, your opposition to the behavior and your perception of the offending individual. This is especially difficult when it is a family member, as we are connected through our lineage, and therefore much of our vibration oscillates unseen with similar, if not identical, rhythms.

We cannot oppose a single breath or thought from existence once it has occurred. We can observe and we can acknowledge the event, but we should not do so with absoluteness.

So, what can you do to not be affected by negative energy from another?

The reality is that you will always absorb unwanted frequencies from another person, and you need to learn how to co-exist with it.

First, we need to understand the mechanisms. When you pick up a negative frequency from another person, it will conflict with your frequency – and the result will be an explosion inside of yourself of self-defense. The more you think about the unwanted frequency from another, you end up compressing your cells in that frequency, which forces your cells to vibrate at that rate. You've trapped the unwanted frequency inside of yourself, surrounding it in a conscious magnetic field (like bottling), using your auric field to accomplish this.

Most people’s instinct, then, is to oppose the toxic frequency from another with a more offensive frequency; they create their “bad-ass” self in opposition. They may perceive they are channeling their inner strength to oppose the unwanted frequency; but in its reality, one goes deeper and deeper into the dark side of themselves, and over time will depend on their inner darkness to shield themselves from unwanted frequencies.

If you follow this technique, you will throw and compress your negative energy out toward the offending person. Pretty soon you’re only throwing out negative frequencies, and you give those frequencies more and more power to identify as you. This is not metaphysical, it’s a conscious thing.

Others will petition God to protect them from the offending person or vibration. When you do that, you’re asking God to join your “gang”. When that happens, you’ll end up with a society like the ancient Romans, where the gods are at war all the time outside and within yourself. The Romans ended up creating gods from each facet of their personality.

Still others, when faced with toxic energy from another, will choose to diminish themselves so as not to be noticed. They think so little of themselves that they perceive the negative frequencies to be an overall judgment of themselves, or acknowledgment that they have little value.

In all cases, you fully saturate yourself intentionally by creating a negative frequency that opposes the perceived negative frequency from the other person. The result is that you amplify both negative frequencies – the one you absorbed and the new one you created in opposition. You’re worse off than when you started.

Shining aggressively or diminishing yourself does not work.

The solution is that you need to find resolution for that unwanted frequency, as once you experience any emotion it’s always going to be in your body’s memory. You just want to stop it from becoming the light show inside of you.

If you do not find resolution for the negative frequency from another, you move further away from feeling yourself.

The truth is this: there is no “one size fits all” answer.

There’s no technique, chart or calendar you can follow that helps everyone. Every single person is going to be unique because every single person’s events are unique. Their sequences are unique, and therefore, the sequences of how they see things are unique. Most techniques taught only hypnotize yourself into not seeing into your own mind. In fact, most self-help books create a rigid discipline in your mind that creates tunnel vision and voids you from seeing anything beyond.

What you can do is have faith and find a sweet moment in your life, even if there is only one. Hold onto and savor it, for if your life is full of pain and insecurity, then the few moments of beauty hold even greater value. Hold them close to your heart, and with practice and time other negative personalities will have less and less influence on your perceptions of self.

The miracle will be that you can smile in the midst of chaos. You can survive and not beat yourself up. Even if you’re the only one, be a temple within yourself.