Fear or Peace?

Due to recent events, it is imperative we examine the effects of vibrations as a whole on the human consciousness.

Most of us are deeply affected by the shooting in Las Vegas. By far, the majority of us are also focused on the madness of the individual (and the individual himself) who carried out this abomination.

As the days pass, politicians and media will debate and accuse, attempting to assign blame for what occurred. The politicization of the shooting will occur for some time; but in the end, in all likelihood, it will just cause further divisions and fear. No matter what the investigations conclude, they will not consider the vibrations created by the consciousness of the general population.

We, on this planet, have become well-embedded in the frequency of fear, to the point of worship.

Politicians spend hundreds of millions of dollars with the sole purpose of convincing you there is danger around every corner and in every shadow, so that you may be afraid of anyone who is not on the same team – and only they can protect you. In order to counter the vibration of fear, we are convinced by political rhetoric that we must be strong and we must be tough, because surely the threat is there.

With this propaganda, in time the fear is transformed into hatred (in order to mask the fear within our own hearts).

We continuously search for reasons to be fearful of our brothers and sisters, and we find wrong in the smallest differences. We huddle in groups and exchange the reasons for fear, continuously adding to the vibration of fear, and all the time giving greater and greater resources to the vibration of hatred.

No matter how great the vibrations of fear and hate amplify, for most of us they will simply make us very uncomfortable. Some will use antidepressants to cope; others will buy guns and turn their homes into fortresses. Those who choose to deal with these vibrations through drugs or intoxicants will create the frequency of indifference; those who choose a paramilitary approach will further amplify the fear and hatred.

The majority of people on this planet are vibrating in fear, terror, hatred, or indifference.

This energy is accumulative, and, in its reality, has been accumulating for thousands of years. Because of our new communications networks on this planet, we now share our fear and terror instantly around the world, resulting in a compression of terror in the global consciousness. Although most are conscious enough not to act with violent aggression toward another, there are those people who are deeply empathic and will absorb this energy like a sponge. The energy becomes so compressed within themselves that they become mad and turn their fear and hatred into violence against the innocent.

This situation cannot be fixed by politicians, it cannot be fixed by the temples, and it cannot be fixed by blaming your next-door neighbor or people on the other side of our borders. The hatred exists because we are not satisfied within ourselves and bear little witness to the beauty around us. We want to make everything right by making everyone just like us.

I saw this with great clarity when my heart and mind opened into the infinite: I saw one ugly energy feeding upon another, and I saw the hatred of the global consciousness pour into the heart of Adolph Hitler, resulting in the deaths of 50 million people.

Only an individual can create a frequency within themselves void of hatred, and only an individual can manifest a frequency of peace or beauty within themselves. Just as we look for reasons within our community to fear or hate, we must look within our communities for peace, comfort, gentleness – and yes, love.

It is more imperative today than ever before in history, no matter which religion, spiritual path or political path one chooses, that we endeavor to find gentleness and compassion within our own hearts. As long as we reach out to change others, we neglect our own consciousness, and thereby neglect our own vibrational frequency.

The best way any of us can help our neighbors and brothers and sisters around the world is by putting our fear to rest. We must all stop looking to be angry, and for reasons to be afraid. We must stop creating terror within our own hearts.

We must break the addiction to fear and hatred.

It seems as though the majority of the world now lusts in fear and hatred. If we continue with this addiction, the abominations will continue. All wars, no matter where on earth and which excuse is given, are instigated by the accumulated vibrations of one tribe hating another.

Yet you cannot demand of your tribe that they should all be at peace; the result of that will simply be greater division, even within your own people.

It all depends upon the individual heart. It is hard today (if one is to be honest with oneself) to truly love your brothers and sisters; but, as I have mentioned in the past, it is the responsibility of every man, woman and child to work toward not hating.

We must ask ourselves, what value is there within the frequency of hatred?

Why do so many wait in fear and terror for the so-called end times? Why do so many wait for the collapse of one society or another? These are all simply the results of the global consciousness of fear, and it is only the individual who can change this.

It is fine to pray or meditate for peace, but it is far more important that an individual focus on peace within their own heart.

You can start by taking note of your cravings to find the latest demonstration of violence, persecution, or political discourse. How often does one pick up their electronic device to find the latest conflict, whether through the news media, gossip on Facebook, or dire warnings transmitted by the latest tweet. Take note of how often you use your device for such a purpose. Perhaps it is better to send a picture of a beautiful sunset or of a smiling child; perhaps through a tweet we can bring together our neighbors and share what we have with each other.

Those of you who troll the social medias for the sole purpose of bullying another should take note of the harm you may do to that person. Those of you who may feel noble in attacking the ignorance of a troll should instead encourage the person who is being attacked or bullied to continue expressing themselves, but without attacking the bully.

If we are to stop violence, we must stop looking for it in our expressions.

Our new social medias, just as they provide a platform for ugliness, so too, do they provide an infinite archive of beauty. Sometimes when I get overloaded with the conflicts around me, I may go on YouTube and look at some feel-good videos.

For instance, I recently found on my feeds a video called “Rich Kids”. It was a young man around twenty, who was obviously very wealthy. He decided to find three homeless people and give each of them $10,000 in cash. It made him feel so good, that he intends to do it often. Watching that video connected me to many more videos where individuals decide to commit random acts of kindness to help strangers.

This is what will fix Earth: the individual. Organizations may assist, but it is the individual heart that will make a difference.

Imagine a tweet designating a certain day whereby millions of people will carry out random acts of kindness toward complete strangers. Now imagine that tweet going super-viral, affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. Just imagine the vibration that would create. I am willing to bet that hundreds of millions of people would awaken from their beds full of joy, even though they did not participate in this exercise.

So powerful would be the vibration of millions of people around the globe, simultaneously carrying out random acts of kindness toward strangers, that the vibration of kindness would be infused into the global consciousness. The empathic people on this planet would absorb that energy like a sponge, and those who are full of hate would perhaps put their guns away and focus instead on positive endeavors.

Let us all find ways to feel good about each other. Let us stop attacking each other at every opportunity, and find ways to help each other with sincerity from our hearts and minds.

Without government or organizations, let us find (no matter how small) the spark in our own hearts. Let us cultivate that spark until it ignites a flame within us, a flame of beauty. Perhaps the vibrational frequency that flame emits will cause others around you to vibrate with peace and kindness in their hearts and they, too, will affect another person's heart.

We CAN change the vibration on this planet, together, but only by individuals taking responsibility within their own hearts and breaking the addiction to fear.

We can all beat our swords into plows.

Be at peace.