We Are So Much More

(Photo by NASA: Hubble Space Telescope photo of enormous bubble being blown into space by super-hot, massive star.)

As a healer for over 40 years, I have been exposed to many different types of people and many modalities of spirituality. It’s given me a great opportunity to observe the nature of our brothers and sisters.

This year, there seems to be more people asking me about consciousness. Some inquire about how they can determine their level of consciousness; others are more than eager to characterize or demonstrate a higher level of consciousness. From my experience, most have a very limited definition of it.

So, what is consciousness and why do I perceive that most express a linear description or interpretation? To begin with, consciousness is not linear.

Many years ago, I experienced a life-changing event where my consciousness opened into the infinite.

I existed everywhere in the Universe, and it seemed to be I was conscious of every living being, everywhere. I comprehended every individual simultaneously. Someday, I will write in detail of this experience, but I believe that would require several books.

For this blog, I will simply give a little insight into one of the beginning parts of the journey.

As I felt myself expanding into everything with absolute clarity, I knew I was part of every living thing, and every living thing was part of me. As the awe surged through my being, I found myself observing an atom. It appeared to be large enough to step into, and so I entered into what appeared to be the empty space between the electrons and the protons.

I found myself in a tightly-woven infinite field of geometry – cubes within cubes, octahedrons, tetrahedrons, icosahedrons, and dodecahedrons. There was a kaleidoscope of geometry with a multitude of facets, folding and unfolding into each other and from each other; yet no geometry disrupted the other. It was a great symphony, as each facet of a geometry emitted or projected beams of tones. As beams merged with each other, they gave birth to other geometries. Each new geometry projected infinite fields of knowledge, all carried on wavelengths of harmonic tones with a beauty I had never experienced before.

A great magnetic field encompassed me, and my consciousness was pulled deeper into the atom.

I existed for a moment, encompassed in many geometries, in what appeared to be infinite reflections of myself. With great clarity, I realized that every atom that has ever existed contains the knowledge and experience of everything. Also, with great clarity, I understood this information is encompassed within all my brothers and sisters. As that clarity came into focus, I saw it was not only within my brothers and sisters, but also every being that had ever lived.

As these realizations came into focus, I emerged from the atom into an even vaster universe. I then understood, for the first time, the connection between all things and what it means to be united with your family.

Many more things happened that day. What I speak of in this writing was the simplest, yet would change the life of any individual who would experience it.

All of us are conscious; if you have difficulty sleeping, you are conscious of that fact; and if you are hungry, you know you are hungry. Likewise, if you have a pet, it is conscious you will take care of it and feed it. The leaves of a plant will follow the sun, as the plant itself is conscious of the sun. For the most part, the consciousness of the majority of creatures can be observed. Most of us are capable of at least observing (if we open our minds) the consciousness of the living on a limited basis, and that is because we only seem to allow linear interpretations into our observations.

Consciousness itself, in truth, operates on a quantum state of existence. In other words, it exists everywhere - in the universe and in time.

When we choose to journey into the understanding of our consciousness as a vehicle to elevate our spiritual understanding of ourselves and creation, it would be wise of us to begin this journey with as few rules as possible. Perhaps one of the most important tools to take with us is our power of observation of self, which may allow us to learn how to be honest within ourselves, without shame or guilt.

This part of the journey itself can take many years, and may even frustrate you.

But over time, its value will be immeasurable. As you peel away the shame and guilt inherited from those who have come before you and the environment, your heart will accept your worthiness, and you will become aware of the beauty within and the unlimited vastness of what we call the consciousness. Through that clarity, you will begin to identify that what we call the consciousness is really the infinite expanse of our souls.

No human being is greater in consciousness than another. All of us, without exception, have been created with the infrastructure and the necessary information to access greater levels in understanding of self through the physical body. This does not mean that one who truly seeks to sojourn beyond the limitations of the linear cannot be further along than another on the journey of self-awareness; and it does not mean that the seeker stands above another, but rather, serves as an example of what we are all capable of by design.

For the consciousness is the soul, and it is infinite in ways that we cannot even perceive through the linear. We, in our linear perspective, speak of the soul as if it was a separate part of us. We seem to be unaware that the soul is us.

We are ALL worthy, and there is no exception. We must stop measuring who is worthy and who is not worthy - or we will remain asleep.

Be at Peace.