Exposing the Fear Monster

Wavelengths of Fear in the Global Consciousness

Helping people become aware of how an energy wavelength can affect all of us is one of the primary purposes of this blog.

I have written in the past about the wavelengths of fear that appear to be permeating the global consciousness, and how our social media plays a great part. For those of you who follow the news, no doubt you have read about the unmasking of Cambridge Analytica. This company used the algorithms on Facebook to spread fear and hatred by distorting truth and spreading outright lies. Cambridge Analytica estimated that for every person they could entangle in their web of fear and hatred, that person would forward the message to all of their friends (this was in addition to all the other Facebook client contact information they had stolen).

Most of the lies were one-liners and targeted specifically to induce shock and fear, to the point of terror, in a given individual.

Facebook has close to 2 billion users. One might say Cambridge Analytica only targeted 5 million users, but they only really needed to target 100,000. By striking the vibration of fear into the targeted users, that fear was then amplified when those users forwarded the messages to 1,000 other people.

Even if you decide to disconnect your Facebook page, you would probably still have at least 20 friends and acquaintances who are still on Facebook; and when you have contact with any of those people, they will transmit that fear to you.

The algorithm of fear is permeating everything – all of our social media, in one form or another. There are ways to overcome this.

You don’t have to disconnect your Facebook page or stop tweeting. Instead, we need to become more aware of the frequencies in our environment. We need to ask ourselves, “Which frequency do I prefer? The frequency of joy and ecstasy, or the ugly frequencies of fear, hatred and division?” Which do we want for our family, friends and neighbors? It’s not complicated.

If we look with an open mind, we become aware that we are being manipulated. How is this manipulation of so many being accomplished?

Since the beginning of time, man has used fear to survive. As a species, we learned a long time ago there are two types of humans: the quick and the dead. We must be ready at a moment’s notice to react to danger. Our primary goal is to survive, and it is hardwired into all of us.

It is only recent in our history – perhaps over the last 80 years – that 50% of the human population of Earth live in relative safety. We cherish our safety. But because safety is a relatively new phenomenon in our societies, our fear is still wound tightly within us, ready to spring forward in defense. Fear compels us to run to the highest tower and expose the dangers to our family, friends and neighbors.

Corporations understand this, and they are using it to amplify the wavelength of fear.

Scientific studies today show that when fear is released, the prefrontal cortex of the brain shuts down and moves us into a sociopathic vibration (thoughtform). In other words, it brings us into an attack mode.

The vibration of fear creates the need to huddle together in greater numbers, and we somehow feel comfort in sharing our terror. Since fear negates thought and free will, it is easy for corporations to manipulate us with one-line tweets, as our brain only needs a trigger to unleash the pre-mortal terror that exists within us.

One can see this clearly throughout history. Take, for instance, the Salem witch trials: a child was able to create fear simply by making an accusation, and thus creating a mob mentality – and the finger-pointing began. The whole community soon lusted in hatred as their fear amplified. This has happened many times in America’s history.

Another example would be the McCarthy trials in the 1950’s. Politicians seeking to become important targeted Hollywood, and hundreds of careers were destroyed as most of the American people became entrenched in the violent energy of fear. Today, these episodes in American history are seen as dark moments in our existence.

Most of these past events were relatively short-lived; as the lust subsided, our democracy moved forward. Today, however, the monsters who wish to profit from our fear have a new tool – the internet and targeting algorithms, whereby the internet can be manipulated. We are not going to get rid of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. These forms of media are just the beginning of what is to come.

If you do not wish to become an extension of an algorithm, then perhaps one needs to put the phone down and disconnect from the global web for a moment.

Feel the field of vibration within oneself – smile at your children, smell the sweet scent of a flower, maybe even read a book. Break bread with your brother and sister without a phone in your hand. Take a moment and play a game of chess with your neighbor. Feel the vibration of life itself.

Stop letting the demagogues tell you what to be afraid of. If you disconnect yourself a few hours a day, you may be surprised as you bear witness that you are actually thinking for yourself.

Don’t let corporations shut your prefrontal cortex down. Instead of fear, give yourself a moment each day to share something cool with your family, friends and neighbors. You might find you’re no longer afraid; you might even find you’re not spending as much money on pharmaceuticals to numb yourself. Stop listening to the pundits that are no longer reporting the news, but instead speculating on the terrors that are to come.

If you see something that strikes fear in you, then by all means, research it – find its source and use your brain and your heart. I assure you that you will see the bullshit.

Be at Peace.