Vibration is a Choice

I have written many times before of vibrations; especially about how a specific stone or crystal vibrates at a given frequency, which in turn affects the vibration of a living being. For me, these vibrations emitting from minerals served as a catalyst to sensitize me to awareness of the energy wavelengths that permeate our planet. Everything has a rhythm.

I have also written of the frequencies which today seem to permeate the consciousness of our brothers and sisters.

In every corner of the Earth, the vibrations of fear, intolerance and piety continue to amplify, resulting in creating the frequency of indifference to the plight of another. In our great nation, that indifference is now manifested in such ways that we have no compassion for those who are mentally distraught. We seem to think it is the responsibility of the individual, or the families of the individual, to find solutions on their own.

We don’t seem to care until it manifests itself into madness, which leads to the deaths of our children.

We openly fund the institutions of the wealthy, as we deplete funds to assist those in need of medical and psychological assistance. Through our media, we aggravate the situation by spreading rumors, conspiracies and threats around every corner, giving cause to the rise of hatred. Through perverse interpretations of our Constitution, we put arms in the hands of the very people who we refuse to assist.

Although the availability of military-style weapons has been used in the slaughter of our citizens – and most horribly, against our children – it would certainly be harder to commit these acts of violence if those weapons were not so readily available.

The true cause of these attacks, which have now become commonplace in our nation, is our indifference to the plight of others.

We are the richest nation on Earth; we love to shout of our greatness and our compassion. We wave the flag and our holy books, and we cry out and cheer about the great nobility of our existence. As we turn our backs on the pain of others, these atrocities will not stop by arming more people with weapons and militarizing our schools and neighborhoods. We must use our divine intelligence, and we must use the God-given compassion that we are capable of mustering within ourselves.

Imagine holding a child within your arms, and that child smiles with great beauty at you, and you smile back. Feel the vibration; it is peaceful and nurturing to both. There is no pain, there is no fear. There is only happiness and beautiful nurturing energy permeating every cell of your being. You set the child down and she joyfully plays with her friends.

Now, imagine that same child approaching you. You reach down to pick her up, but you must first adjust your AR-15 or AK-47 to one side as to not hit the child with it. As you pick her up, she asks you, “Will I be safe from the monsters that are coming to get me?”. You assure her she will be safe, but she, too, must learn to handle her weapon. You set her down and put a gun in her hand.

Think about this; imagine both scenarios and take time in your pondering. Which vibration do you think would be beneficial for our society and our children? It is your choice to make. Vibrate in terror and fear, or with compassion and beauty.

Think about it today and every day.

Be at peace.