You Can Feel Energy

At Apex Energy Masters, the number of people seeking help in relationship to their emotional states has steadily increased. One of the most common complaints is this: “Why am I so numb? I can’t seem to feel love – I’m not even sure what it feels like. What am I supposed to feel?”

In fact, some energy workers tell me they can’t even feel the energy they transmit to their clients. One particular energy worker came to see me because she felt guilty, as she advertises that she is a master teacher, and most of her clientele are students. She speaks of frequencies and tones, but admits that her knowledge of them is only what she was taught. This woman also told me she has had relatively good success in helping people heal, but has many doubts in relationship to her work. No matter how hard she tries, she really can’t feel energy.

This seems to be very common.

Over the many years I have worked with this issue, I have found that there is no such thing as not being able to feel energy. It has more to do with what we allow ourselves to feel.

This energy worker expressed to me the pain she carries within herself and deep loneliness, even though she is married to a loving husband. She has a deep fear of being discovered, and also shame because she sometimes feels void of emotions. Happiness itself seems to escape her.
Her problem is exacerbated because she has learned to put a smile on her face, and is very good at saying pretty things so everyone thinks she lives an enlightened life. She doesn’t know what to do.

Over many months, she and I have examined this numbness phenomenon. In fact, it was so debilitating to her that it was in desperation she came to see me. The fact is this: she can most definitely feel. She feels shame because of the lack of joy that she experiences; she feels shame that she cannot feel the energy which she transmits during her healing work; and, she feels loneliness in her marriage. It would appear to be that she feels many negative emotions.

She also tells me she tries to block the negative energy she feels emitting from other people. So, we can say that she is sensitive enough to pick up these vibrations, and to accept the fact that people do indeed emit all types of energy - but she still believes she cannot feel energy.

The fact is that she can feel energy.

She has also conditioned herself, since early childhood, not to trust any love. As a small child, she experienced betrayal from what she perceived her best friends, and became the focus of being bullied. Her mother and father would often speak of love, but were in constant conflict. Just prior to her sixth birthday, her father abandoned the family. She had trusted and loved in her early childhood, only to find herself vulnerable to the pain of betrayal.

From that time forward, when she would feel the energy of love or the need to love someone, she would reject it. To her it felt like love was a lie, and that no matter what people say, they will stab you in the back.

In fact, there are many people who begin to subconsciously program their energy matrix to put up shields the moment they feel love. Others, who openly seek love and express that they need it, may still not trust love; instead, they operate with the frequency of suspicion and condition, which generally leads to the rejection of love.

Even though my client has dedicated her life to healing, she will not allow herself to become fully emerged in the frequency of love. So deep was the pain she suffered as a child, that the shields she has constructed within herself to protect her from pain are still in place (and cause the pain itself).

The more we attempt to protect ourselves from pain by creating shields, the more we block our ability to acknowledge greater frequencies of energy. To this day, she finds it very difficult to bring the shields down and leave them down. Although we have made significant progress, the journey is not yet complete.

You see, if you can feel emotional pain, that within itself is evidence that you can indeed feel. Much of this has to do with what we allow ourselves to acknowledge.

My client, and many others, have stated that they are afraid. Their experiences in life have shown that when they have opened their hearts unconditionally, they are only crushed by disappointment later. So, as a result, the moment they feel great joy, it is rapidly replaced by fear: fear of being foolish, fear of being betrayed, and fear that what they feel is delusion. Again I will say, if you feel any of these emotions, you are indeed feeling. If you can feel the ugliness of our brothers and sisters, you are also capable of feeling the beauty of our brothers and sisters.

My question for those of you who claim you cannot feel energy is this: is it not better to practice feeling a beautiful moment than not feeling one at all?

No beautiful moment can be betrayed by another. It is we, ourselves, who reject beautiful moments. When we refuse to accept a beautiful moment because we fear that the moment will betray us later, it is we who betray the moment.

All of us can feel. If you claim that you rarely feel a beautiful emotion, it is only because you have not practiced abstracting the sweetness of life. As I have said before, if you are starving, you will not reject a meal because you may be hungry tomorrow, even if it is but a small morsel. With enough morsels, one will live to find a better day with greater abundance.

So, too, is it with our feelings. We must search for morsels of beauty, and allow ourselves to extract every single one. In time, we will stop defending ourselves from love and beauty, and find that we can indeed feel the energy emitting from our own being.

Be at peace.