Wavelengths All Around Us

I want to clarify a reference I made regarding Newton’s 3rd Law in my blog, “Can Crystals and Minerals Really Heal?” from three weeks ago. I was only using it as a point of reference, that everything affects everything. I did not imply that a wavelength of a crystal only affected living things, or that the wavelength of a living thing does not affect the crystal. There is an alchemy which occurs when one wavelength comes in contact with another wavelength. ALL wavelengths affect each other, and it is not a one-way street. In that blog, I was speaking in particular about how it may affect a human being.

Let us take for instance, a quartz crystal sitting on a coffee table: it is standing still and does not appear to be moving. Yet, the electrons that make up the atoms are in continuous orbit around the nucleus of the atoms which compose it. There is not a single atom that is in contact with an adjacent atom. The magnetic field of each atom prevents the adjacent atoms from actually coming into contact with the adjacent atoms, and there is always space between them.

As a matter of fact, the space between the electrons and the nucleus is 99.99999% empty space. What is between this so-called "empty" space? It is not empty at all, but is actually quite dense, emitting wavelengths 360° x 360°. This wavelength is what I was attempting to articulate.

In reality, no person ever really touches another person. There is always a magnetic field preventing that touch from actually taking place, no matter how hard you press on a person or object.

However, there is alchemy which takes place when a person touches another. In some cases, that wavelength may create the sensation of ecstasy; whereas if another person touches one in the same way, the alchemy may create a sensation of discomfort. This is one of the ways people determine whether or not they are compatible (and this is what the term "on the same wavelength" really means).

It's about the wavelengths.

If the atoms of mass actually came in contact with each other, the result would be catastrophic. We can ponder and calculate the nuclear property of things, but I am attempting to articulate how one wavelength of energy may affect another. I was not speaking of kinetic energy, which is what I believe Newton described.

Be at Peace.