The Rhythm of Hatred

One doesn’t have to be psychic or a sensitive to feel the anger and fear which seems to be emitting from our temples and universities, and especially from within our political systems.

Lately it appears to be that a great number of the adult population is vibrating to the rhythm of hatred, and this vibration blinds us from our hearts and minds. It blocks our common sense and makes us vulnerable to the influence of others; it makes us susceptible to anyone who can justify to us why we feel the way we feel. If we accept the excuses that justify the anger, we give ourselves permission to become angrier.

The greater the anger, the more reasons we will find to amplify our vibrations and separate ourselves with greater and greater intensity from our brothers and sisters.

The air is vibrating with anger everywhere we go, carrying the stench of fear, selfishness and ignorance (just to mention a few). We all know this, we all feel it. People can’t wait to get home to turn on the television or get the latest news brief on their cellphones. There is a feeding frenzy of negativity which is causing us to become blinder and blinder to the reality that we are ripping each other apart from the very foundation of our souls, permeating outward and attacking the unity of our civilization.

It's a good time to go home and NOT turn on the television, though difficult it may be. Perhaps we should sit and examine the frequencies of energies that soar through our being, and how much others are influencing that frequency.

Most will find it difficult to feel a moment of peace within themselves. For this reason, one might want a nice piece of Rose Quartz. It is a good time for a gentle vibration; it is a good time for nurturing energy that has no judgment on who is right or wrong, but instead just vibrates in exquisite beauty like a mother holding her child gently with assurance that love is there, in spite of the fear outside.

If you already own a piece of Rose Quartz, may I suggest that you sit comfortably and hold it over the center of your chest (your heart chakra), clear your mind of the calamities of our present-day social environment, and breathe deeply in and deeply out, letting go of the anxiety of the day. Know that you are safe in your home. Focus on your breath, and just let go. Don’t allow the excuses and the fear of others to dominate your thoughts. As you do this, allow yourself to feel the Rose Quartz, to feel its energy and know that if you really want peace in this moment, the vibration of Rose Quartz will assist you in vibrating at a gentler frequency.

Rose Quartz’s vibration within itself will not stop the negative thinking, nor the fear; you must give it a conscious effort, you must be willing to let the chaos go at least for a moment.

As you do, you open your heart and mind to the peaceful and loving vibration of the Rose Quartz. Your heart chakra will begin vibrating with the peaceful and gentle vibration, assisting your matrix (or auric field) in attuning itself to peace, and making it easier to relax and think with a clear mind, allowing you to focus on living your life.

Be at Peace.