War Cries

We prepare for war from the time we are children until we are put to rest in the ground.

We howl the cries of war.

We build great stadiums so we may keep the energy of war alive. The idea that sports is preparation to enhance the physical body and keep a civilization healthy is delusion. The truth is that we build stadiums so that we may practice the decimation of another. We do not build stadiums to play sports; we build stadiums to practice the energy of destruction and to practice the energy of supremacy.

We go to watch our home team crush the other. It is about victory and has nothing to do with playing a sport. It is the practice of war. It is the practice of the gladiator.

In every great city we build great arenas so that we may humiliate the outsider. This is our entertainment, and we have been doing this for a long, long time.

Our ancestors are still strong within us, and we continue to follow their ways while we ignore the vast potential of our technologies. These technologies have linked the world and could be used to find common ground amongst all of mankind. Instead, we choose the ways of the ancestors to make war.

Meditate today on love for all of mankind in the present, and do not add your energy to the wheel of war. But most of all, let ask ourselves this question: why do we follow our ancestors into madness?