Sweet Vibrations

A client recently asked me: "I understand that we all have a different vibration. How does one raise their vibration, and is that the key to manifestation?"

I told her I do not believe that having higher vibrations will manifest anything into the physical. However, it can assist moving us into a positive frame of mind and raising our vibration further, thereby giving us greater hope and confidence within ourselves, and allowing us the faith and courage to move forward.

This, in turn, can attract people and assist us in carrying out our endeavors, leading to greater success.

I believe manifestation has more to do with the global consciousness, not individual human consciousness. If humankind were to meditate together on the planet for just a few minutes while sincerely being in a state of peace, the whole world would then move into a long-lasting state of peace. The combined minds of the human species will be what manifests the overall advancement of every living thing on the planet.

Manifestation is really about the individual’s responsibility to raise one’s own vibration.

As more people raise their vibrations, the more it becomes part of the global consciousness. As we progress further with that endeavor, we will find that the consciousness can prevent wars from taking place. When all of humankind vibrates in harmony, then perhaps we’ll manifest whatever humankind needs, and become part of a universal consciousness.

But as we can see in every community on this planet, at this time there is more division amongst us because of how we're using the global communication network. Our most primordial aspects are greatly being exercised, and we're finding more and more reasons to divide ourselves. This has a great deal to do with the global consciousness right now, and through that, chaos is manifesting on the planet.

We have lost most of what we would call compassion, and this, in my opinion, is something we all need to start meditating on.

Compassion is to work toward opening your heart and mind to the ways of another; it doesn’t mean to become the other. If we are compassionate, we would see that everyone wants the same thing: a safe place to sleep, a meal when we wake up, medical care when we need it, and of course, brotherhood and sisterhood.

So many people I know start meditating and diligently try to create a fine vibration to manifest something they desire; in most cases, this leads to disappointment. They then stop trying to raise their vibration because it did not render or manifest what they desired, usually a physical object.

My observation is that if we try to raise our vibrations, we should do it solely for the purpose of raising our vibration and nothing else. Those higher frequencies are then broadcast outward where others will pick up on them, causing them to begin to raise their own vibrations. In time, as our human vibration increases into a higher frequency (or, should I say, into a sweeter vibration), then we may start manifesting the basics that humankind needs: everyone will have food, everyone will have shelter, and everyone will have compassion for each other.

The simplest way to raise your vibration is to visualize something that brings joy to you. For example, a puppy looking at you with big eyes, the smile of a child, a painting – it makes no difference what it is, as long as it brings a smile to your being. When I started my journey, it was the smile of a child that I meditated on. I thought about the sweetness of that smile, and it bought me joy; I then allowed that memory to saturate every part of my being, while letting the image return to the ethers while holding onto the vibration.

In the beginning the vibration did not last long, but repeated efforts bought me to the point where I could bring up that vibration quite often. As I did, those vibrations started to feed me in more ways than one, enabling me to go into meditation easily – almost like riding a sled of beauty and joy. Over time, it enabled me to activate various frequencies of sweetness if I gave it a moment of my time.

There is no magic; there is only your intent, which is human. All we need do is exercise it.

Yes, it can be more difficult for some than others. If you’ve had a life of ease and protection, it may not be so hard for you in the beginning. On the other hand, if you have experienced a life of trauma and great struggle, it may be much more difficult; but as you achieve the higher vibrations you will find far greater value in them, for you will have terrific moments of beauty and appreciate them far greater than those who have had a less difficult life.

Though it may not fix the darkness around you, it will show you evidence that you are the light in the darkness, and that we can change things despite what is around us.

If you do want to manifest something physical, such as a better relationship, new job or what have you, then focus on your goal in addition to raising your vibration. Always remember that energy follows intent, and the more you focus on your goals, the more successful you will be.