Healing Your Environment

A client of mine, who is a massage and reiki therapist, asked for my advice about dealing with very heavy feelings in the her workspace. She was told a smoky quartz point would ground and cleanse the energy, preventing contamination. It wasn't working, and she wanted very much to get rid of the heaviness she felt in the room.

I told her that contamination of one’s work environment with heavy or negative feelings is all too common. This happens in hospitals, clinics, massage rooms, you name it. If healing is involved, over time the environment will become contaminated by the pain of others (including both emotional and physical energy).

It is true smoky quartz has an excellent ability to stabilize energy and protect oneself and one’s working environment from accumulating nasty energy. However, to utilize smoky quartz for this purpose can be quite an expensive undertaking. It’s not that your smoky quartz crystal isn’t working, but more than likely working overtime. It’s just too small in mass to deal with the frequencies of so many people releasing their energies into your working environment.

To keep such a working environment consistently stable, one requires at least a 25-pound or greater crystal to cover the average square footage of a massage room. The cost of such a crystal may vary from $3,000 to $10,000. This is out of reach for most in the profession. However, there are other alternatives.

Specular hematite can be used very effectively for this purpose. Covering an area, such as your workspace, would require roughly 20-30 pounds of quality specular hematite in 5- or 10-pound chunks, strategically placed. This is an excellent mineral for grounding and absorbing energy, and will never need cleansing. If you live in the Upper Midwest, it is readily available. You should be able to cover your entire area for roughly $400 or less.

If hematite is not within your budget, there is a less expensive alternative: good old basic salt.

It doesn’t have to be sea salt or kosher salt, as just plain salt is what you need. The salt should not contain any chemical additive, such as iodine, and Epsom salts should not be used either; just use regular table salt. Simply go to your local grocery store and buy three or four 3-pound boxes of salt.

Next, find a clay pot without holes. The clay should not be glazed on the inside of the pot, as the salt itself needs to touch the clay. Fill the clay pot to the top with the salt, and then add water to the very top of the pot. The combination of salt, clay and water create a reaction which draws energy toward it.

The pot must be placed on a non-porous surface such as a glass pie plate (Pyrex is good), as over time, the salt will leach through the clay and form salt crystals on the exterior of the pot. No need to worry, as the salt crystals can be quite beautiful, but you don’t want them on your furniture or carpet.

Check your clay pot once a week to make sure it has sufficient water in it. As the salt crystals grow, you may want to add a little more salt so the pot remains full. Quart-sized clay pots in each corner should be sufficient. If you have a client who is going through a lot of dramas in life, you might want to put a pot under your worktable, and this clay pot should be between ½ gallon to 1 gallon. I use in my healing room a 3-quart pot; I’ve never had to cleanse it, and the energy stays stable.

Using the clay pot and salt method is the least expensive way to ground energy and keep vibrations clean. In fact, this method is great to use even in your home/living quarters. This is why being on or near the ocean is always so cleansing – it’s the water, salt and earth combined.

However, if you can afford it, smoky quartz is the boss!