Ancestral Behavior Unchecked

Every day over the past month, it seems another highly-respected male has fallen to the truth of their actions by taking inappropriate liberties; it also appears that many people are shocked that their leaders and heroes are involved in such activity. No doubt there are many more stories to come, and a far greater number which will never be whispered.

It doesn’t surprise me that so many people are shocked, as for so long we have conducted ourselves as if these problems are rare. In fact, they are very often the norm. We’ve become blind because of the fantasies we have conjured about the nobility of our leaders, and those who are in the public eye.

We do not address the true nature of the effects of our biochemistry. As a result, we ignore the foundation of the problem.

Let me give you the following example: when men get together, they naturally breathe in each other’s hormones. When a man breathes in the hormones of another man, the biochemical reaction within both males, which is laden with testosterone, causes a chemical reaction in the brain. This reaction is then translated by the man’s subconscious that he must be equal to, or become greater than, the other male.

Unfortunately, this process in most men also tends to transfer or delegate the consciousness of an individual to their groin, which then becomes the tool by which one measures one’s masculinity. This behavior goes back before man stood upright. In fact, it has been a part of mammalian behavior since mammals have existed.

The main reason for the problems that exist today began thousands of years ago when man decided to create stories of nobility and morality. They began to walk in piety, and claim that they would never - as they point their finger at another.

For thousands of years, it seems we have created an infinite number of fantasies in relationship to what mankind is. We have not even considered addressing the biochemistry of an individual. Science has only recently accumulated sufficient information to begin to understand the relationship of how the biochemistry interacts with the human brain, and how it is translated into our actions.

We can create all the laws we want, we can shout from the highest mountaintops, we can parade our morality, and we can conjure an infinite number of stories to tell of our nobility. The truth of the matter is this: no matter who we prosecute or shame, we will make little or no headway until we begin to address human nature itself with honesty.

If we can understand and accept the effects that biochemistry has on our thinking, we then have the tools to discipline ourselves and address the issues at hand, so that we may actually achieve true respect and equality. This also allows us the capacity to see that we no longer have to beat our chest and prove that we are men.

We must also stop measuring the capabilities of a woman through our fantasies of what makes a woman a woman.

As a matter of fact, it would be wise of us, as a species, to stop judging each other based on what is between our legs. Instead, we need to start looking more toward the heart and the mind of an individual. The problems, which today are being broadcast through every media on Earth, are not new problems; these are issues that have been with us throughout time, and have been largely ignored. But now that they are in our collective face, maybe we can start addressing the reality of human nature – and through that see the necessity to elevate our expressions of respect into actions.

We must start accepting that our actions do cause harm, even if we think that we were just “having a little fun”. Just as aggressive people may perceive that taking inappropriate liberties with another is okay, those who have traditionally been taken advantage of must also allow the energy of evolution to make themselves more assertive, and not allow it to continue.

This in no way addresses the overall issue as it is a very, very complex issue. I am simply stating that it is a human condition of the ancient past, and has never truly been dealt with. As I have said, we like to hide the issue behind noble tales of ourselves and others.

Be at Peace.