A Christmas Gift You Already Possess

Christmas is upon us, a holiday shared amongst most Americans. And for the majority, it’s the most important holiday of the year (certainly for our children!)

Christmas is a time of sharing, gift-giving, and bringing our families and communities together. We place great effort in finding the perfect gift to express our love for one another. It is also a time when retailers attempt to convince you that their products will show your loved ones how much you care. Although the physical gifts with which we shower our loved ones may indeed express (to some degree) our love and desire to make them happy, it is not the true gift that this time of the year may give us the opportunity to express.

It is our hearts that are most precious.

So, when you select a gift, choose it with your heart, and allow yourself to experience the joy you feel in the selection of it. And when you give that gift, it will always be the right gift, as you infuse it with the beauty of your intent. As you feel that beauty within your own heart, you then create a gift of unification, thereby bringing your family and loved ones closer together.

This is the greatest gift that we can give each other.

As we unify the frequency of love within our own house, we then create greater unification within our own neighborhoods; we in turn then receive the gift of unification within ourselves and the spirit of love.

The gift of unification is unlike the hard, physical gifts we give to our loved ones. There is no interest to pay, and the gift of unification will not bring your credit cards to their limit. And once you bond yourself to the frequency of unity, with a little effort it will last you throughout the year. It will expand itself 360° in every direction.

For most of us, we celebrate the coming of the one we call Jesus the Christ. Let us truly celebrate the birth of this great man by giving the gift of our hearts to one another. And in that celebration, strive to walk in the path of the Christ, which may unify us all throughout the year.

Merry Christmas!