Declare Your Independence from Addiction

The 4th of July celebrations will begin this weekend for most, and in honor of the Declaration of Independence signing there will be picnics, parades, flag-waving and fireworks. It took great courage for our forefathers to fight for and win independence from the British monarchy.

I think it’s also a good time to think about independence and freedom from our own personal tyrants. Let’s become independent from things that block us from realizing the value of ourselves. Am I truly independent when joy can only be achieved through hiding from my own vibration? Perhaps we should ask, “Why do I imprison my beauty, my divine intelligence, and my capacity to love?”

Are you in bondage? What prevents you from seeing the beauty that you are?

Addiction (fear, drugs, alcohol, food, internet, gossiping, etc.) is the answer that most comes to mind. Addiction is any situation where you no longer have a choice, where you MUST partake so you can feel “happy”. We do not give ourselves even a moment to meditate and feel within ourselves the vibration of individual independence and the great beauty that true independence brings.

There’s lots of great advice out there about how we can stop our addictions. If it’s only a habit, what works for many people is making a conscious effort to stop. If it’s a little deeper, we can try praying, mindfulness, better nutrition, exercise, etc. These can help tremendously, and may help some people break their addictions. But if these things do not work for you, then your addictions go much deeper, as you have hard-wired your addiction into your being.

To understand addictions better, we need to understand how energy works.

Take for example, two brothers: one becomes a social drinker while the other becomes an alcoholic. They have similar experiences in life. Understanding the perspective of each individual’s perception of self can help one understand why one would choose to hide from one’s own vibration. Knowing that will not heal the addiction, but it is an essential step in beginning one’s journey of independence from alcohol.

The energy of low self-esteem can create a need to numb oneself with the vibration of alcohol. The more alcohol one consumes, the more difficult it becomes for an individual to accept their own vibration. Essentially, this is how most addictions work: we hide from our emotional pain, and we hide from ourselves because we have not yet learned to appreciate the ecstasy of our own existence.

What is it we can do to break an addiction? A good start is recognizing that you are no longer a person who has free will. You have become a slave and a prisoner to your addiction, and whether it is gossip, opiates, bullying, food or alcohol, it is the same prison. Recognize that these things are the tyrants that keep you from your independence, and that any obsession keeps you from seeing or recognizing the divine beauty and intelligence that only through independence can be seen within oneself.

Acknowledging your individuality within yourself, accepting your divine uniqueness and overriding control from others are the means to achieving true independence.

You have within yourself the capacity to become independent from all things which presently imprison you. The journey is not easy, as freedom is never easy. The goal is that you will become fully independent from all external stimuli and find beauty in what the Spirit has created within you.

Once you recognize this, and you believe you can’t do it on your own or if you need help and guidance, we at Apex Energy Masters can help you achieve independence from the tyrants of addiction.

Be at Peace.