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Apex Energy Healing Masters

Energy Healing Arts

Mission Statement

To understand consciously and intellectually how the human will through intent can create the various wavelengths of energy which are required to initiate healing. It’s one thing to have faith that one can heal, and quite a different thing to truly understand how one carries out the healing. And by doing so, being able to bring it to higher levels, where one achieves greater efficiency, leading to greater success.

Our mission is truly healing-based. We will not be satisfied because our brothers and sisters believe we are healers; our goal is to achieve healing with greater and greater consistency, both through our energy work and spiritual counseling.

We endeavor to evolve the energy work and expand our consciousness, so that we may be able to assist others. We use sacred geometry, and color/light vibrational frequencies. Through these modalities, we continuously expand our knowledge and our abilities to apply deeper healing.

This is why we have taken the name of Apex Energy Masters. It is not to imply that we exist at a higher state than other modalities, but rather to ingrain within the consciousness of our practitioners that they should always continue their journey to expand one’s knowledge, abilities and consciousness; that they should become greater than yesterday, and that we may always be reminded it is a never-ending journey of self-awareness.

Bridging Science & Spirit

Thousands of years ago, the temple priests decided to hide scientific and mathematical knowledge. This was the beginning of the politicizing of the temples. As a result, politics became a wedge, separating our brothers and sisters from knowledge. As the centuries passed, science began to emerge from the dark cavern to which it had been allocated. Over time, science and mathematics were also politicized; and even within their own ranks divisions were created.

The temples demanded of us all that we not question the guidance of the ancestors. We were taught then, and still are today, that only through blind faith can we find salvation. We are asked to remain ignorant of our surroundings. We are told that these ancient men who lived in mud huts, and never left the valley they had been born in, somehow had greater wisdom, knowledge, and a greater connection with God that we could possibly have. You hear it all the time through the temples and the metaphysical, that the Ancients were so wise.

The scientific academics are no different. They choose to separate the spiritual from existence – if they cannot measure it, or if they cannot conceive an experiment to verify it, then it does not exist. Until very recently, most scientists refused to believe that there were planets orbiting other stars. For centuries, they denied the existence of other planets, simply because they had no instruments which could detect a planet at such a distance. Today, on a daily basis, we discover more and more planets, some even Earth-like.

We at Apex Energy Masters believe that most of us walk the Earth half-blind because of these divisions. We believe it would benefit us all to dispense with the politics and begin a greater observation of knowledge, whether it be spiritual or scientific. As a species, the average person on this planet is better educated than the most educated of the ancient past. We are as wise and wiser than the past. We were not given a massive cerebral cortex by Creation to let it sit dormant, and have others dictate to us what we may ponder and what we may not. We are the children of Creation, designed to expand forever. We must unify all of our knowledge, whether it be spiritual or scientific.

There is no one thing that can stand alone without inevitably being consumed by stagnation. When ideas and belief systems can be brought together, one will always find expansion, and that’s what we are about at Apex Energy Masters. Expansion of the self, of one’s divine wisdom, self-respect and independence so that the human spirit may begin its unfolding into the next level of consciousness and brotherhood.