Energy Healing & Alcohol Addiction

Energy Healing Can Help Alcohol Addiction

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I describe here my experiences in helping others heal for over 45 years and what I see energetically, along with my 70 years’ life experience. These are solely my own observations.

Underlying Causes

In my decades-long experience as an energy healer, I find alcohol addiction is caused by genetic inheritance and the need to fit into society.

Alcohol addiction is unique from other addictions, as one of its main causes is genetic. It takes 5-8 generations to program a cellular structure that will be inherited into the next generation, and if the behavior continues over the millennium, it then becomes a part of life - both genetically and culturally.

With over 8,000 years of alcohol consumption by most tribes, the majority of people worldwide have a genetic disposition when it comes to alcohol addiction. As such, genetic inheritance is the first component I always take into consideration when helping someone with alcoholism.

I then help you acknowledge one of the major truths of humanity: no one walks this earth being fully honest with themselves. I help people to be honest with themselves and to have faith in themselves so they can release the anxiety, guilt, and shame they may have. Without shame and guilt, you can rewrite the ancestral software just by being honest with yourself.

We also look at any underlying issues that are unique to each person having to do with personal history and environment.

With energy work and energetic coaching, I offer you a way to help override the ancestral software inside of yourself and find ways to deal with any personal issues which give you the desire to drink alcohol.

What To Expect

Energy Healing Work

Depending on the vibration you are emitting during each appointment, I will do energy work and/or energetic coaching based on those energy frequencies. This ensures that each of your healing appointments will be totally unique and what you need in the moment to help you heal.

This approach is also important because everyone's experiences - and the sequences of their experiences - are all unique, and any help with alcohol addiction cannot be cookie-cutter.

My energy work helps shift your body’s energy frequency so its cells can adapt a different frequency other than, “I need alcohol”. This new frequency is temporary for up to 72 hours, but it gives you a window to make healthy changes in your life. The more your cells feel the new frequency, the quicker they can adjust. Some people can overcome their alcohol addiction by just shifting their frequency, but those are rare, as most people have underlying issues that need to be dealt with.

Energy Coaching

The energy work can assist you, but you will need to put your own effort into activating your will. This is where my energetic coaching comes in.

Through coaching, I project healing energy through my voice to help you activate the will so you can see truth and the power of self, and free yourself from the need to have an addiction. The basis of my healing work with alcohol addiction is for you to understand that you do have will, and that you can choose to activate it – it’s not outside of yourself, but rather inside of yourself.

Weekly sessions are important for two reasons: (1) your cells need to adapt to the new energy frequencies, and (2) you need to create the habit of no longer running from your addiction, and this will require discipline. Habit and discipline come together to form a strategy.


My energy work and coaching work synergistically, but you need to follow my advice and be honest with me. You will need to take an active part in the coaching session. I will be working with you for an hour at a time, but you’re going to be working 24/7.

Expect straightforward honesty from me during the coaching sessions. I’m very direct and don't pull my punches when they're needed, because the goal is for the client to be very honest with themselves.

I will help you face the reality that you will have to use your will in a way you haven’t used before. The beautiful part is that once you start learning how to use your will, it always transfer over to other aspects in your life, and you can utilize it to focus on your positive endeavors.

If you are sincere, and with my 45 years healing experience, I can help you in activating your will and shedding the shame.

So, the question is this: are you ready to help yourself?

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