How Vibrational Frequencies Affect You

All of us have our own unique energy fingerprint, and no two beings are alike. Our individual interactions will respond or react differently to a wavelength of energy.

An energy frequency is life itself. If you’re reading this, you are alive, producing many wavelengths of energy. For each state of mind, you will produce a specific frequency. Your energy frequency will also be affected by the conscious state of another. We all experience this continuously, most of us without realizing it.

Take for example, that gathering with friends and family you really, really don’t want to attend. You’ve been feeling overburdened by life, maybe a bit lonely, and would rather stay home and relax instead of socializing with people. But you’ve made the commitment, so you drag yourself to the party. When you arrive, people greet you warmly and you genuinely feel welcome; everyone is in a good mood and projecting joy. After an hour or so, you notice you’re no longer feeling tired and lonely; instead, you’re feeling quite connected and begin taking the initiative to connect with other people. You’ve just changed your energy frequency.

How did this happen? It’s actually quite simple.

Your family and friends at the party all were in a very positive state of vibration and their joy was genuine. You were the only sad person in attendance. Their combined vibrational frequencies of joy permeated the environment; therefore, it was much greater than your vibrational frequency of sadness. Since there was no one else to reinforce your sadness, your body’s energy system did what it naturally does: it absorbs the energy signatures in the environment. In this case, it happened to be joyfulness, and every atom in your body started vibrating at a vibrational frequency that we recognize as joy and happiness.

The opposite can also happen: if you’re in a great mood and you go to a gathering where everyone is feeling sadness, anger, hatred, etc., you will absorb those frequencies. This has happened to all of us.

So, you see, we all pick up vibrations. We interact with vibrational frequencies every moment of our lives.

When a body is in balance, the cells which compose it vibrate in a harmonious rhythm with their fellow cells. When this rhythm is disrupted through one’s consciousness, injury, environment or genetics, for one reason or another, then the harmonious relationships of the cells are disrupted. The frequencies of the cells change, and the symbiotic relationships break down: the results are emotional disruptions such as low self-esteem, anger, harsh judgements of self and others – just to mention a few. Unchecked, this will inevitably compromise one’s immune system.

We at Apex Energy Masters have become aware of frequencies that permeate our environment and are better able to isolate and project frequencies or wavelengths of energy that can unify the harmonic frequencies of your cells, bringing you into greater physical and mental balance.

The human body is a wondrous organism. It heals itself, day after day, but sometimes it may need assistance to heal. And when it comes to the work we do, no matter what we do, it’s still your body healing itself.

Droplet of Water in Pool of Water Causing Concentric Rings|Energy Healing

This is where energy work performed by Apex Energy Masters
can benefit and help bring you into balance, whether
emotionally, physically, mentally or even spiritually.