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Jesse has been an excellent guide and teacher in navigating this wild ride of life. So grateful for the healing energy he has offered to make life more comfortable, and the teachings to make navigating the human experience more graceful.  
Charles K.

Master Jesse has helped me to unlock the best parts of myself to live the life I am destined to live - not the life I was born doomed to.  
Jennifer H.

Over the last 4 years, starting at age 78, I was diagnosed with cancer and then other serious physical issues due to complications of the medical treatments. My doctor at the V.A. has been very impressed with my tremendous health improvements, and I have exceeded all their expectations in my recovery. My doctor told me that he can't explain it, but whatever it is I'm doing, he suggests I continue to do it. I truly believe energy work with Master Jesse has been a major factor in my recovery.   

I have been seeing Master Jesse for 8 months now, and my health and well-being has improved 100%. Master Jesse is easy to work with and he has your best interest in mind. It is with great confidence that I highly recommend him.
Dave C.

I highly recommend an energy healing session with Master Jesse to anyone looking for clarity and guidance. Master Jesse's non-judgmental, compassionate and intelligent approach is effective and appreciated. After an energy healing session, I feel lighter with a renewed sense of peace and hope.  
Theresa F.

I have been working with Master Jesse since August 2020. I had a brain tumor removed in 2013 that left me paralyzed on the left side of my body, and he works on repairing the damaged nerves. But more than working on damaged nerves, he challenges me both mentally and emotionally to identify deeply-rooted belief systems I was not aware I have, and which interfere with my healing. He is direct about what he sees and feels. I now have hope that I will walk again.

I feel how much he cares about his clients and his passion is to help people. So, whatever you might be struggling with, I highly recommend you book a session now. His assistant, Sharon, is extremely efficient and just as caring. Peace on your journey.   
Rebecca, Illinois

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Jesse is legitimate. His energy work is so powerful, there's no denying his ability. It took me a couple of times to really few the impact. However I brought a friend to him who, after one session, could also feel the work take effect. I very much recommend Jesse for energy work.

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We at Apex Energy Masters/Mystical Earth Gallery believe that when properly applied, energy work can energize any physical body, opening a window of opportunity for the body to heal itself. We do not make any medical diagnoses; nor will we interfere with any medical treatment. If you suspect you need medical intervention and attention, please contact your physician.
We are available as a complement to other treatments which you may be receiving. We cannot guarantee results, although the majority of our clientele appear to have significant improvements in their lives – spiritually, mentally and physically. No medical institution nor healer can guarantee anyone's health, nor can any treatment guarantee to be successful. We will promise you that we will put our heart and soul into your healing.
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