Energy Healing is Instinctive

On a very basic level we are all capable of being energy healers. When a child is crying, you hold that child and give him assurance that he has no reason to be afraid, that he’s safe. You start creating a frequency inside of yourself of compassion and gentleness. You do this instinctively, without thought. Your only concern becomes this child, to give him comfort. You’re transmitting this healing frequency into that child, and that child stops shaking, stops crying, and holds onto you even tighter because you have just transformed a terrible frequency into compassion and love.

Our cells instinctively seek out wavelengths of energy that comfort, such as love and compassion.

Wavelengths of energy, that’s all it is. Every cell within our body has its own wavelength. Once a child realizes that if a larger human holds him next to its heart, he knows he will be safe again. That child then seeks to be held every time he gets upset or hurt. That child has learned to get comfort, and that comfort is a frequency. And that frequency is transmitted to the child through a quantum state of nurturing.

We are all looking for the frequency of safety, to feel loved and to feel compassion from another in order to feel secure and fulfilled within ourselves.

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Another excellent example is a real faith healer or a group of nuns who pray over sick people. They don’t realize they are, but they’re energy healers. If someone has a very deep belief that God is working through them, and they don’t have hatred for and do not judge the person they’re praying over, then they can actually heal. Through a genuine intent, they amplify their life-force (energy) and transmit energy into those in need. All the cells in the sick person’s body become energized, like a battery being charged up.

It is the nuns’/faith healer’s true intent that allows their energy to flow from them into the person they’re praying over. Intent is transmitted through the magnetic; this magnetic force is what flexes their auric field, much like the flexing of a muscle. This flexing then compresses the body’s mitochondria cells (Master Jesse’s theory), which are the organisms which produce electrical energy in the body.

This compression of the mitochondria cells then causes an increase in the production of energy above and beyond that which the healer’s body needs, allowing the excess energy to be transmitted into the recipient through the quantum state, without causing harm to the healer. That life-force is generally expelled through the palm of the hand. And for most of these healers, that excess energy will be carrying the frequency of compassion. Compassion is a very powerful frequency, as it also deals with unity. As these faith healers and nuns charge the physical body, it’s like putting a massive dose of vitamins into a person; only in this case, it’s called energy.

The faith healer/nuns must truly believe and have true intent, and only then will they be able to program the energy with the intent to induce healing. Because they have such great faith in God, the programmed energy is transmitted with faith; in turn, the recipient’s body is saturated with energy that has been given the frequency of faith. They, too, then exist in a state of faith, further assisting the body in healing. This is why there actually have been successful faith healers throughout history, in different religions and spiritual practices.

As you can see, energy healing is natural and instinctive in the human species.