How Does Energy Healing Work?

We seek to de-mystify energy healing through the merging of science and spirit.

We live in a wondrous time. As medical research expands itself into considering modalities outside of the traditional, such as quantum medicine, sufficient evidence is emerging to justify greater research in relationship to energy healing and the metaphysical.

An experienced energy healer will have the capacity to emit and project a stable wavelength of energy, assisting the individual to vibrate with greater balance, thus allowing the body’s atoms to re-establish their optimal frequency. This in turn allows the atoms to bond in a more harmonious fashion, stabilizing the arrangements of atoms in the molecules, which make up the cells. The result is a healthier cell.

Green Colored Energy Wavelength|Energy Healing

How is healing energy actually transmitted from the healer to another individual, and what is the process by which this happens? Energy healing is better described as quantum healing, because when energy is projected from one being into another it exists in a quantum state.

Quantum means qubit – bits of information on a minute scale, such as the size of electrons, photons, etc. If you really want to understand something, you need to understand from what the elements of the Earth and universe are made; therefore, you need to delve into the quantum world. It is an excellent way to understand vibrational frequencies and energy healing. If you go deep enough into the quantum level, you see there is no such thing as matter.

(As discussed earlier, an atom itself is composed of tightly-wound vortices of electromagnetic energy, which within themselves produce a wavelength of energy. In reality, everything that exists – including us humans – is a wavelength of energy.)

A quantum state is when two electrons come into contact with each other, and they are then imprinted upon each other – what happens to one will happen to the other. Let us say, for example, one electron is red and the other is green. When they come in contact with each other, they will oscillate from red to green. If the electrons are an inch away from each other, or placed at opposite ends of the universe, it makes no difference – in the exact same moment when one turns green, so too does the other, and vice versa. They are imprinted upon each other, and this is true of all electrons.

Quantum Entanglement of Two Atoms|Energy Healing

Therefore, any frequencies of energy that are created and projected through the palm of the healer into the individual will then be imprinted upon the cells of the individual. Of course, this is the most simplistic explanation of energy healing; as you can imagine, there are many, many more variables involved in order for it to be successful.

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