Essential Attributes of an Effective Energy Healer

Feeling and Recognizing Energy Frequencies

An attribute of an effective energy healer is the ability to feel and recognize energy frequencies being produced by a body. Although one may naturally have the talent of being able to feel and see energy frequencies, it takes many years of practice to sensitize the hands to feel and recognize the most delicate of frequencies without drawing conclusions as to what they are.

This is possible as the palm chakras act as sensors, picking up wavelengths of energy emitting from the body. In a sense, the hands become eyes, with the frequencies being seen not with the optical cortex, but with the palm chakras.

Master Jesse started out by learning to identify the differences between magnetic and electrical energy, and over time learned to pick up with greater clarity the differences between the two. This led to being able to recognize and distinguish one vibrational frequency from another, and the ability to feel the rotation of the chakras. These very important attributes gave him the ability to feel many of the body’s energy disruptions, and to detect chronic and massive energy blockages within the body.

It takes many years of practice to understand what a frequency may feel like emitting from the body, and how it may relate to emotions and one’s physical state. We must also take into account the uniqueness of each individual in relationship to their environment.

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Creating Energy Frequencies

Over many years, Master Jesse has developed an extensive archive of energy frequencies. Being able to recognize them, he can measure through his palm chakras the energy frequencies and oscillations (wavelengths) emitting from the body. He then creates frequencies that will be harmonic with the individual and helps bring their energy back into balance. Sometimes that means altering the frequency, sometimes it means finding an opposing match and entering that frequency in the area; other times it involves changing the energy’s density. It can also include releasing energy. This is all done through a conscious state.

It takes many years of study and practice to be able to understand what a frequency entails, create that frequency correctly, and then know when and how to use it. This is where developing a vast archive of frequencies over many years is effective.

There are people, especially in Reiki and other New-Age modalities, who believe that they serve as a conduit whereby universal source – God, angels, spirits or animal guides – work through them. They believe that the being that works through the healer is responsible, and it’s not the healer’s responsibility to create the energy frequencies.

At Apex Energy Masters, we believe it is the responsibility of the energy healer to create the energy frequency and transmit it, using one’s divine will.

Intent, Focus & Control


“Energy follows intent” is a phrase used frequently, and this is true; but it is also true that this statement is rarely understood. We see intent in action all around us. What we project from our beings is shared with others, and we do this without knowing the effects of what we project.

All too often, what one wants or wishes for is perceived as intent. Too many believe that if we simply say or think it, we will make it so. But intent has little or nothing to do with words – it is void of words. True intent is an attribute of one’s divine will, and is no different from the Divine Will that created all things. True intent comes from deep within the will itself, from the depths of the soul – it is the joining of the heart and mind; it is compassion unfolding without words or judgment. It is the will in action.

True intent is not something that can be taught by a teacher or by searching for it; it is something that must be discovered through the acknowledgement of one’s divinity. The understanding of intent is a side effect that occurs as one sojourns within oneself through meditations and deep pondering – in doing so, one may know oneself, and intent will be revealed. There is no specific timeline, and no one is excluded.

There are healers who, without fully understanding intent, are indeed effective; such as a real faith healer, a real energy healer, or a Chi Master. But even though they may not be aware or see with the clarity of intent, if their faith is clear enough they will still bring forward elements of intent and do good work. If they practice long enough, the truth of intent will slowly reveal itself. When this occurs, everything in relationship to how they perceive their work will change.

True intent is a very important attribute in energy healing. A healer who has experienced this knowing will become far more effective than they were prior to its understanding.

Focus & Control

In addition to truly understanding intent, an effective energy healer must also have focus and control of that intent.

Focused intent is always created by your consciousness, and directly correlates with the quality of the frequency created for healing. Since it’s the frequency that achieves healing, then intent is the attribute that brings clarity to that frequency. Intent focuses your being and sets in motion a sequence of events in relationship to the programming of energy and smooth transmission from one being to another.

If an energy healer doesn’t have focus of intent and control while they’re transmitting energy, the energy will change into the same vibration emitting from the client. So instead of healing, those energy healers will be feeding the person fuel to continue their pain.

And vice versa: the healer can also create energy about the other person that isn’t conducive to healing – such as pity, disgust, boredom, etc. – and transmit those frequencies into the person. Being non-judgmental is very important in performing energy work. If the healer is judging the person they’re working on, then they will program their healing intent with that judgment. Focused intent is necessary to inject that energy with a frequency that will induce healing and help the body heal itself with as little judgment as possible on the part of the healer. Expansion of mind through meditation and practice is very important, as the ability to not judge comes through the accumulation of being able to see in a multitude of directions.

An effective energy healer will also have self-awareness about their own issues, and actively work toward resolving them; but at the same time will be able to put those attributes aside while they heal. If an energy healer has the self-awareness and discipline to do that, they can heal without having to fit so-called “spiritual perfection”; but that level of self-awareness and discipline is difficult to achieve. That’s why honesty with oneself and integrity is absolutely necessary.

An effective energy healer will have the honesty needed for self-awareness about oneself to know if they are not capable of the correct focus and control to be able to heal others safely and effectively. Just saying “I have intent” is not good enough.

Lack of focus and control can be a real problem within Reiki and other New-Age modalities, as practitioners are taught they don’t need to worry about focus or putting any specific frequency into the client; instead, they believe they’re acting as a channel for God, angels or universal energy. An alarming trend in those modalities also sometimes involves encouraging people with serious mental afflictions such as schizophrenia and manic depression to learn energy healing as a means to heal themselves by healing others. When that happens, there is the potential to seriously harm the person they’re working on, as the energy being transmitted is very chaotic.

At Apex Energy Masters, we believe it is the healer who is responsible for the condition of the energy that is transmitted, not spirit guides or outside entities. This is very important to understand. We believe it is our responsibility to have faith and accept that we have been made right by God with all of the attributes necessary to facilitate our brothers and sisters in the healing process.

At Apex Energy Masters, you can always be assured our energy work is performed with true intent, focus and control.

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We use intuition, coupled with knowledge, to find and direct the optimal frequency. This intuition is what most would call the spiritual aspect of energy healing.

The simplest definition of intuition is that it’s “a knowing” – it’s your access to what some people call the higher aspect of self, but it is actually the self. The not-very-simple explanation is that intuition is tapping into a quantum existence – intuition is a place or places that exist without judgment, and where knowing exists but without words. It is a multitude of magnetic fields, interacting between many dimensions in time itself. If we knew where intuition truly came from, it would more than likely be impossible to accurately articulate.

Everyone is constantly picking up thoughtforms from other people – every thought that’s presently taking place from every living creature, but also from the past and the future, from all time. Once a thought takes place, it exists forever; it’s magnetic and is imprinted on everything. (Master Jesse’s theory is that intuition is a result of tapping in or interacting with magnetic fields and wavelengths of energy emitting simultaneously from a multitude of parallel universes, dimensions and timelines.)

Therefore, when we access our intuition, we are likely tapping into a quantum state, sufficiently enough to access vibrational strings of knowledge which are simultaneously emitting from many sources.

The moment the vast majority of people step outside of the linear and feel their intuition, their instinct is to immediately start articulating into words what they felt. As a result, they are then snapped back into the linear. This causes them to draw conclusion and judgment based upon cellular memory, or what they’ve already presumed about the person or situation.

This all takes place within a nanosecond.

At Apex Energy Masters, our intuition is no different than anyone else’s intuition – it’s how we have learned to use that intuition which makes all the difference.

As Master Jesse uses intuition in his healing work, he’s feeling the frequency of a person’s timeline and tapping into the condition of the individual. Through his many years of practice and observation, Master Jesse has learned to not draw conclusion when he feels that shift in frequency move beyond the linear. Instead, he has learned to slow his reaction down to the intuition itself, and feel and see it without judgment. By slowing down the reaction time, the energy of that intuitive information flows unhindered and locks in with the intellect and the physical body. The outcome is a smooth, even flow without any conflict – and therefore, without judgment. The results are much more effective.

At Apex Energy Masters, intuition allows us to direct and utilize our intellect and intuition harmoniously as though they are one. This blending of the intellect and intuition allows the energy to flow with a knowing, and the hands move with a great rhythm – unquestioning – in a smooth, harmonic flow.

Decisions are not based upon forcing an intuition. When intuition moves smoothly, it blends in with knowledge and guides the hand.