We at Apex Energy Masters/Mystical Earth Gallery believe that when properly applied, energy work can energize any physical body, opening a window of opportunity for the body to heal itself. We at Apex Energy Masters/Mystical Earth Gallery do not make any medical diagnoses; nor will we interfere with any medical treatment. If you suspect you need medical intervention and attention, please contact your physician.

We are available as a complement to other treatments which you may be receiving. We cannot guarantee results, although the majority of our clientele appear to have significant improvements in their lives – spiritually, mentally and physically. No medical institution nor healer can guarantee anyone's health, nor can any treatment guarantee to be successful. We will promise you that we will put our heart and soul into your healing.

All information given in Intuitive Readings is based on the personal insight of Master Jesse. There are infinite probabilities of your path, and he simply gives you the probabilities he sees based on where he feels the energy is moving. No path is absolute.