Conscious Healing

At Apex Energy Masters, our professional energy work is based upon knowledge and skill gained from many years of study, meditation, training and practice. This is what we call Conscious Healing.

In the field of Energy Healing Arts, there are many modalities and interpretations for each modality. Some are starting to achieve acceptance in the Western world due to medical studies, such as the ancient energy healing arts of acupuncture, Tai Chi and Qigong. These particular modalities involve moving energy throughout the body to achieve greater synchronicity with the physical form as one acquires greater consciousness of self. They require many years of study, training and practice to gain great proficiency.

For example, a highly-skilled and effective acupuncturist will not only have extensive intellectual knowledge of the human body’s circuitry (energy pathways known as meridians), but will also have attuned themselves to feel the most subtle of frequencies emitting from those meridians. Coupled with a highly-attuned intuition which can only be achieved over many years of practice, it guides them to place the needle at the optimal point. They have the knowledge and instincts of a master.

Tai Chi and Qigong involves performing exercises focused on breath and movement, with great attention paid to the position of the hands as the movements are executed. Their movement is what brings them into a state of grace and beauty. To become a master, it takes many, many years of practice and study to truly control that flow of energy within oneself, and to be able to increase and transmit that energy in a pure state to another for healing purposes.

In contrast, Reiki and other New Age energy healing modalities are based on the idea the energy healer is a conduit, channel or antenna for universal energy to flow through them and into the client. The healer is not responsible for the healing, but instead is credited to an exterior force or another being working through them (God, angels, spirits).

You become a healer by receiving attunements or initiations, taking weekend classes or online courses, etc. – you become a professional healer in a month, a master in as little as 6 weeks.

There is no real knowledge of energy, other than words that are memorized and repeated. There is no need to spend years learning your skill or taking responsibility for your work, because it is God or an entity working through you. Unfortunately, this environment diminishes the true healers, the people who have dedicated their lives to it. It also gives rise to spiritual piety, which can truly be a problem within these modalities.

Within Reiki and other New Age modalities, if the practitioner is sincere and focused on compassion and love, they can give comfort and help a client relax. Are there some practitioners of these modalities who are truly capable of healing a client? Absolutely – but it wasn’t their initiation, attunement or class that gave them that ability – they already had the natural talent and attributes necessary to become a healer. Through the diploma, they feel they now have permission to practice, but they still do not take real responsibility for the flow of energy throughout their being, and are limited by the doctrine of each modality.

Let’s put this into context outside of energy healing. A black belt in karate requires practice and deep intent twice weekly for a minimum of five years; in doing so they pay great attention to the tiniest detail of the energy flow that happens in their body. A master musician practices for hours on end from the time they’re children and throughout their adult life; they never stop learning. Why would we think that something as complicated as energy frequencies – from the production to the transmission of them –can be done by an initiation or attunement, without knowledge, practice and intent?

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Conscious Healing at Apex Energy Masters

At Apex Energy Masters, Master Jesse has truly desired to understand what energy is and how to transmit it for healing purposes. He accomplished this over many years with constant study of the wavelengths of energy that emit from the human body, deep meditations, observing without drawing conclusion, and spending many years sensitizing his hands to feel minute changes in vibrational frequencies, thus developing an archive of frequencies and the ability to distinguish one frequency from another.

Over the course of performing tens of thousands of energy healing sessions over decades, Master Jesse has also created his own extremely effective techniques of energy healing. The resulting side effects helped put him on the path to greater consciousness, creating a deep, divine connection with the flow of energy in the body and feeling the divine consciousness of self.

Responsibility in healing also means we bring our vibrational frequency to the greatest level of consciousness we can for the energy healing sessions. A session will never be performed if we feel we are not able to achieve a high vibrational frequency. Basically, this means if we’re having a bad day, we’re not going to transfer that energy to you.

We continue to work daily to advance our awareness and understanding of energy healing, thereby taking greater and greater responsibility for our work. Many years have been spent controlling, focusing and exploring energy, and understanding that we have the ability to create energy within ourselves with the consciousness and awareness of how we do it. We are able to continuously better master and control the frequency of our energy, allowing us to increase and transmit healing energy in a pure state.

Because we take our work seriously, we achieve real, long-term success. It’s a lifetime of training, not a weekend – and it’s not a hobby. It’s a way of life.